This 14-second video steps illustrates one way to investigate a leaking device from the Lumeta 3.3 Portal.  A larger, higher-resolution view of the same is available here.

The step-by-step procedure is here:

  1. Let's assume you notice the Command Center on your Lumeta Portal beaconing a warning.

  2. You open the notifications window to see what warnings have been issued.  Several leaks have been found. You open the link for the first leaking IP address.

  3. By following that link, you navigate to the device's location in its zone map and can also see that the device is active.

  4. Right-click on the device to look more closely at its details.

  5. On the Leak Response tab, we learn that device has both an inbound and an outbound leak path over Port 80.

  6. On the Notifications tab, we learn the time and date of when the device was found to be leaking.

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