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The method to access attached Command Centers has been enhanced in this 3.3 release. Also, users who log in with read-only access can choose to open to either the home page or a zone map. See Portal-to-CC Login for Portal 3.2.7 Users for the Lumeta Portal 3.2.6 and 3.2.7 login options. 

  • Edit - Allows superusers (only) to edit the Command Center's identifiers, position on the map, and license descriptors. The Edit button only displays for superusers.


  • Once in Edit mode, a superuser can edit the system label and other Command Center identifiers. The superuser can change the CC icon's position on the map. 

  • Read-only Access - Provides portal users with read-only access to either the Home page or to a zone map on their selected Command Center. With this type of access, you can either open to a Command Center's Home page or to a particular zone map.

    To open the Home page of a Command Center:To open one zone map on a Command Center:

  • Credential-based Access - Opens the login screen to the selected LumetaCommand Center. Once you have authenticated, you can use the system in accordance with your user role.

Controls for superusers
Only a superuser can add a Command Center to the Portal, or delete one. Only a superuser can manage users. Accordingly, the Settings menu and the Edit button only display on the Portal landing page for superusers.


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