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Notifications about Command Center events are available on the Portal Home page. The set of portal notifications are pre-defined and cannot be configured by the user at the time of Portal 3.3 release. Just click the arrow at the bottom of the world map to display them.

The notifications display useful information about the Command Centers connected to the Portal:

  • Command Center - Identifies the Command Center about which the notification pertains
  • Name - Tile of the notification; what event is being reported
  • Priority - Event severity, an indication of whether and to what extent network personnel need to attend to the matter. INFOrmational events generally do not warrant a response, ALERTs are attended to without urgency,  and WARNings are addressed with urgency.
  • Zone - Identifies the discovery space in which the event occurred.
  • Message - Indicates the network device that performed the action that generated the event notification.
  • When - A time and date stamp indicating when the even took place.

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