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The LumetaPortal enables proxy support of Command Centers. This means that your web browser does not communicate directly with the Command Center and network traffic does not flow from your web browser to the Command Center. Instead, traffic flows from your web browser, through the portal, and onto the Command Center. In this, Portal is a proxy for traffic to the Command Center.

With proxy support, a single firewall opening permits Portal to communicate with connected Command Centers, negating the need for additional per-browser connections. Organizations that could not (or preferred not) to access their Command Centers directly due to firewall or policy restrictions now have an alternative means of access.

The alternative takes the form of a pass-through from Portal to Lumeta with left- and right-click login options in Portal 3.2.6 and 3.2.7 and read-only and credentials-based access options in Portal 3.3. 

Regardless of which method you use to open a Command Center, the Portal becomes a proxy for your web browser to reach a Command Center.

The URL in the address bar indicates most (but not all) connections made via proxy by including /proxy/ in the address. In the example URL, the Portal is behaving as the proxy to destination Command Center  This means that the web browser is not communicating directly with the Command Center and that the Portal is acting as a proxy.

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