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The dashboard utility tray (aka widget toolbar) displays when your mouse cursor hovers over a dashboard widget. It's also available at the bottom-right corner of Report pages (i.e., Reports > Browse Real-Time). 

Icons on the utility tray provide the following functionality:

    1. View as Table - Allows you to toggle between displaying data as a chart or as a table, as illustrated here: 

    2. Info -  Displays information on the selected report or dashboard widget including its source name and type.  The info widget also identifies the filters and parameters that were applied to the source.

    3. Open Query in Search -  Runs the Query in the query interface

    4. Refresh Widget -  Refreshes the selected chart or table. Time elapsed since the widget or report was last refreshed is indicated at the end of the utility bar

    5. Print - Prints the widget to a printer or to PDF. Use your browser's Save-to-PDF option to save to PDF format

    6. Export - Exports the widget to a file in CSV, JSON, or NDJSON format

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