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To archive a collector, which disables collector discovery and removes it from the list of zone collectors, follow the guidelines and procedures here.

About Archiving Collectors

  • Lumeta does not allow users to create a collector with the same name as an archived collector.
  • After three rescan intervals, Lumeta stops targeting devices targeted by an archived collector.
  • After archiving a collector, all reports continue to display devices collected by this archived collector until the devices go away.
  • When a collector is archived, a notification is generated indicating that a change has been made to a collector.

Archive collector via GUI

Browse to Settings > Zones > Zone Collectors > Archive.

Archive collector via CLI
In the Lumeta CLI, use the following command to archive a collector:

collector archive <collector name> true

You can also "unarchive" a collector via CLI. Once a collector is unarchived, it must be enabled for discovery to start.

collector archive <collector name> false

Collectors are grouped in the CLI  (i.e., all, archived, unarchived). See System Administration via CLI for the login procedure and information on CLI syntax.

Questions About Archiving

  • What collectors will be returned when using the get collectors API?
    There are two sets of collectors that can be returned: not archived (default) and all. To retrieve all collectors, set the filter: "collector.archived" to 1 to indicate that the results should include archived collectors. To retrieve only the archived collectors, get the list of all collectors and not-archived collectors. Remove the list of not-archived collectors from the list of all collectors to reveal only the archived collectors.
  • Can a collector's parameters be changed when the collector is archived?
    No, a collector's parameters are not allowed to be edited while the collector is archived since they will not change anything as the collector is disabled when archived.

  • What happens if an enabled collector is archived?
    If an enabled collector is archived, it will first be automatically disabled and then archived. To enable the collector, it must first be changed to "false" (aka not archived) and then it can be re-enabled. Restoring the enable state at the same time as  not-achiving a collector is not supported and thus must be done using two calls to the API.

  • What happens to the data that the collector obtained when it was in the "not archvied" state after the collector becomes archived?
    All of the data that the collector retrieved when it was in the not-archived state remains intact when the collector is archived. The only way this data can be changed is if the collector is put back into the not-archived state and re-enabled.

  • What happens if an already archived collector is archived again or an not-archived collector is not-archived again? An exception will be thrown in both cases to inform the user as to why the archival state of the collector did not change.

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