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The BlueCat Management dashboard enables you to identify any IP address space that is missing from your BlueCat Address Management (BAM) server.

The dashboard provides these device attributes:

  • Active - True/False status indicating whether the device responded to a Lumeta probe
  • Device Type - Descriptor of the device such as server, router, printer
  • DNS Name - Name given to device by Domain Name System
  • First Observed - Timestamp of when the device first responded to a probe from Lumeta
  • IP Address - The unique IPv4 or IPv6 device identifier
  • Last Observed - Timestamp of when the device last responded to a probe from Lumeta
  • LocationCode -  Indicates the country, city in UN/ LOCODE, and custom locations such as  CA TOR OF1 indicates: CA= Canada TOR=Toronto OF1=Office 1.
  • MAC Address - The unique device identifier
  • OS - Operating system running on the device
  • State - Categorizes IP address assignment permanence (e.g., static, DHCP-reserved, gateway)
  • Zonename - Name of the zone in which the device was discovered

IPs Unmanaged by BlueCat

IP addresses that Lumeta found on your network that BlueCat doesn't know about or manage. 

IPs Unmanaged by Lumeta

IP addresses managed by BlueCat that Lumeta did not find on the network. Typically there will not be any devices managed by BlueCat that have not been indexed by Lumeta. Records in this dashboard widget indicate a lack of visibility which could be caused by a discovery configuration or deployment problem. Please contact us for help in identifying the source  of the problem.

BlueCat and Lumeta Managed IPs

When this subset becomes the whole (i.e., when all devices are managed by both resources), your organization's e-policy is well in hand.

Submit a comment at the bottom of this page if you have a question or need additional information about the BlueCat Management dashboard.

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