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Lumeta accesses the API of Carbon Black (at a polling interval set by the user) and retrieves the inventory of hosts, servers, and other endpoint systems ("Carbon Black managed endpoints").

Lumeta correlates this inventory against Lumeta's authoritative index of IP address space- comparing to advise Carbon Black of any devices where it doesn't see a Carbon Black endpoint indicated on the device, as those would be "undefended/unmanaged" endpoints.

Lumeta highlights the differences and commonalities into views:

  • Lumeta Only IPs: IP addresses Lumeta knows about, but are unmanaged by Carbon Black
  • Carbon Black Only IPs: IP addresses Carbon Black knows about, but are unknown to Lumeta (e.g., if Lumeta does not have access to a network or an off-network device, but Carbon Black is still aware of the client agent)
  • Carbon Black and Lumeta Managed IPs: IP addresses both Lumeta and Carbon Black know about.



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