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The following changes were made in preparation for the Lumeta 3.3.2 release:


[PO-6630] - Lumeta needs to be updated / modified to properly support the needs of an MSSP environment.

[PO-6637] - Lumeta will host a Threat Repository that will combine partner repositories.

[PO-7638] - Implement API for External Data Collector (EDC)

[PO-8371] - Implement handling of old SNMP response and Attribute data


[PO-430] - Security issue with Views resource

[PO-518] - TCP Ports and HTTP profiling discovery not working

[PO-1145] - leftmost Zone Widget has tooltip issues facing the left border

[PO-1502] - Re-installing a license with expired "Activate by" date does not result in license rejection

[PO-2682] - To fix broken build

[PO-2875] - User with Sysadmin role can access GUI

[PO-2977] - Once authenticated, login screen remains visible for a few seconds

[PO-3787] - Add missing file to repo

[PO-3851] - Portal connection to cc constantly restarts

[PO-3944] - Portal pointed at a CC shows user menu

[PO-4028] - Expired license not triggering license dialog

[PO-4050] - Error publishing collector update to CC

[PO-4885] - We write "You system configuration is complete". It should be "Your....."

[PO-4889] - Integrations - modify test feed behavior

[PO-4997] - Patch httpd mod_proxy_wstunnel To Fix Internal Server Error

[PO-5020] - Integrations - Cisco - style issues

[PO-5082] - lumeta-tfa pkg reports error/warn on install/update

[PO-5092] - New custom patterns not updating previously null or identified devices

[PO-5098] - Couple of issues with upgrade 3.1.2-3.2 CC

[PO-5099] - Upgrade: cannot connect scout to command center

[PO-5100] - No discovery on upgraded CC(ESI 3.1.2 - ESI 3.2)

[PO-5113] - Broadcast Notifications On Scout

[PO-5125] - Fix API-Client Bamboo Build

[PO-5170] - Fix broken build

[PO-5173] - Discovery stops discovering (apparent websocket issue)

[PO-5194] - Reconnect WebSockets

[PO-5216] - Support Diagnostics Scout Error

[PO-5282] - Upgrade dialog box has artifacts from distributed upgrade

[PO-5287] - QA checklist of rpms, chksums, tables and x15 metadata

[PO-5312] - PKI-ESI3.1.2-ESI3.21 upgrade: cannot login to system through GUI

[PO-5337] - CLONE - scout fails 3.2.1 upgrade early in CLI

[PO-5339] - No ESI version on "Install/Update ESI license" screen

[PO-5360] - Analyze the implications of newly refactored code (re:reports and zones)

[PO-5386] - Cisco integration - upload files fields missing

[PO-5391] - Cisco integration enable switch should be red in "off" position

[PO-5417] - Fix signature creation and verification of upgrade package

[PO-5488] - "Sorry! We couldn't find that device." Message appears only once.

[PO-5515] - CLONE - PKI-ESI3.1.2-ESI3.21 upgrade: cannot login to system through GUI

[PO-5520] - Restarting services via Settings=>Support Tools leads to an empty service status screen

[PO-5545] - Maps: alert notification device link not finding device (even though the device exists on the map)

[PO-5578] - RFC 4292 SNMP Speakers report only some routes

[PO-5601] - On Login: progress spinner positioned too low in modal while authenticating

[PO-5606] - Portal: tile servers are frequently unavailable

[PO-5622] - Settings=>BGP Status=>Positioning of Refresh button is very random

[PO-5762] - exported metadata ddl mismatches between upgrade and netboot

[PO-5815] - lumeta.cleanup Does Not Handle Large Directory

[PO-5820] - After license file selected and file is submitted - buttons should be grayed out

[PO-5827] - the build of upgrade local.xml file misses lumetas rpms

[PO-5835] - Refresh button on reports overlapped with header

[PO-5892] - Able to Connect and Disconnect CC to Portal via CC CLI or CC GUI

[PO-5940] - Install license screen spinning wheel shifted left

[PO-5968] - Fix issue with decoder that handles sets

[PO-6072] - Authentication Type is set to "API Key" when api keys are created for user with any role as superuser

[PO-6090] - Port Discovery and Webapp Log Seperation

[PO-6096] - For ALL Management Dashboard => IPs Unmanaged by ESI Details => menu should be "Endpoint Context/Action"

[PO-6098] - Integration Dashboard: Managed IPs Detail shows unique IPs - not IPs from all zones

[PO-6122] - We see outboundLeak and inboundLeak scan type running even though Leak Discovery is disabled?

[PO-6157] - Investigate Removing of preprocessing.cleanup in Trunk

[PO-6241] - upgrade fails to clean out prior attempt fully files beginning with dot

[PO-6301] - Device Details/Notification tabs unable to minimize/maximize column widths

[PO-6312] - remove debugger statements from dojo code

[PO-6320] - Notifications under Search=><ip address> missing from ESI 3.2.4 with all hotfixes applied (till 5/20)

[PO-6364] - All notifications IPs have /32 extension

[PO-6368] - Government security hotfix in early May 2017 for 3.2.4 LHF-ESI-20170510-A

[PO-6372] - Change Log Level to Correct Class

[PO-6375] - User: Cant set API key when adding a User for the first time in GUI (dojo)

[PO-6387] - snmp details filling the queue

[PO-6420] - Exceptions in scout discovery-agent.out

[PO-6432] - Navigate to map page leads to log out

[PO-6447] - Portal GUI:Newly added portal user(Superuser flag is set to 'True' or 'False') is able to add Dashboards on CC page

[PO-6460] - Login to CC gives you and error and prompt to login again

[PO-6560] - CLONE - Unable to access CC from portal in IE browser

[PO-6576] - CC & Scout - GUI: Upgrade failed due to the error "Failed to read the 'contentDocument' property from 'HTMLIFrameElement' ...

[PO-6621] - SNMP v3 user is missing after upgrade

[PO-6740] - Last_update null in route table

[PO-6793] - create upgrade to 3.2.6

[PO-6808] - upgrade fails to launch, -md5 error in CLI (FIPS related)

[PO-6854] - ESI Appliances are not profiled as ESI Appliances (or Lumeta Appliances) in 3.2.6

[PO-6880] - Credentials in Clear Text

[PO-6902] - Portal => Read only mode CC => Tabs created by Device Details result in login screen when we click on Lumeta Portal logo

[PO-6922] - Unable to log in through the web interface even though the credentials are correct

[PO-6938] - IE-11: Selecting Device Details for an IP on a map opens up a new tab ==> but asks to accept Certs

[PO-6945] - Portal Configuration: Cant Configure PKI - error uploading System Certificate

[PO-6960] - Unable to configure PKI in 3.2.6

[PO-6961] - When Adding USER/CA/CRL certs on UI; Lumeta should check if file is in correct format and not corrupted

[PO-6988] - PKI-CBA: click on login button on CC from portal results in login of portal user and not cc user even after installing same user certs on both portal and CC

[PO-6994] - ESI Role service uses wrong session id

[PO-6997] - Most cookies are not using secure flag over HTTPS so hackers can read them

[PO-7031] - CC Read-only mode without Firewall Rule: Non CBA Login - The Read Only CC's url is not a proxy URL

[PO-7041] - Rollback required

[PO-7224] - Widgets: Bar and Pie Charts need to support 50-100 entries / Change View

[PO-7244] - Decline button on banner looks grayed-out

[PO-7295] - Sysadmin user not able to import a config file

[PO-7334] - 3.2.7 Portal : Settings -- Lumeta Systems -- Rename "Manage Login Button" to "Manage Login Banner"

[PO-7336] - 3.2.7 Portal GUI : "Lumeta Portal" logo is partially displayed

[PO-7368] - GUI: Attempt to update a portal's license with that of a CC hangs

[PO-7442] - Report-->schedule page displays Schedule name, Report Name, State,Next run,Actions on the left side of the page

[PO-7493] - CC GUI: Settings - Support Tools - Import / Export System : Importing a config file functionality is not working.

[PO-7497] - 3.3 CC - Dashboards / Reports - Device Details : Click on any IP --> Device Details --> Device Details page --> "Error performing the search, please check the input".

[PO-7514] - Government Command Centers unable to export Visio

[PO-7515] - On Government CCs using IE unable to see icons on Map page buttons

[PO-7616] - CC CLI: Extra lines added in the ERROR msg when deleting self

[PO-7631] - BUGREPORT: Dashboard Manager Sort by Owner

[PO-7674] - Proxy Portal: Edit icon should not be present on Read-Only dashboard pages

[PO-7682] - Proxy Portal Read-Only User is able to acknowledge all notifications on map page

[PO-7752] - Upgraded Scout CLI: Lumeta version 3.2.7, ESI label not updated to Lumeta

[PO-7758] - Scout utilization post 3.2.7 upgrade

[PO-7780] - Lumeta CC 3.3 : Ping Test is not working, throws error! in output

[PO-7793] - check in merged code back to esi-3.3-proxy-portal

[PO-7794] - Proxy Portal Read-Only User->Search->Devices:Blank page is displayed

[PO-7829] - esi-current build:Proxy portal Read-only User: PKI enabled: Maps->Click Performance metrics dashboard: 'Read-only user' name is changing to 'admin' at top right dropdown. Settings,Sign out options are displayed

[PO-7850] - Still seeing Inbound and outboind leak scan type in target table days 5 days after leak was disabled

[PO-7853] - Information pop up for ports is reversed

[PO-7867] - ESI name in Lumeta Report emails

[PO-7874] - Post upgrade: Proxy Portal, Read Only user Dashboard, Maps, Reports are not working

[PO-7881] - PSQLException: ERROR: duplicate key value violates unique constraint "pk_device_pattern"

[PO-7884] - esi-current build:ProxyPortal:Read-OnlyUser:PKI/Non-PKI :Reports->Browse-Real-Time-Click any report link: No Data is displayed.

[PO-7891] - remove the x15 server cert dialog when server response is insecure

[PO-7911] - CC disconnected from portal after re licensing CC

[PO-7934] - API call to authenticate occasionally causes X15 cert modal to be displayed

[PO-7937] - Post upgrade 3.3: Unable to Login to CC from GUI

[PO-7944] - snmpwalk with GUI or CLI fails for V3 user with NoAuthNoPriv and CLI fails for authNopriv

[PO-7971] - Not gathering Layer2 host (MAC) addresses

[PO-7974] - v2 community string is not saved into database when it is different from alias

[PO-8033] - Update Lumeta version

[PO-8043] - Dashboard Widget Options(info,export e.t.c) displays at center position of the grid

[PO-8168] - Upgrade of Portal from 3.3 to 3.3.1 (or 3.3.1 to 3.3.2) via GUI is doing nothing

[PO-8187] - Logged in username is missing for Real time notifications page

[PO-8194] - On Customer System Permissions of /etc/resolv.conf were 600 not 644

[PO-8195] - SNMP Community Strings: Alias and Community string columns do not list alaphebetticaly when click the drop-down arrow

[PO-8201] - SnmpDetails scan targets not generated after SnmpDiscovery responses

[PO-8206] - Blank page is displayed when logged in post upgrade (Have set one of the integration dashboard as default dashboard)

[PO-8207] - CC CLI: Unable to SSH after changing the port

[PO-8212] - Drop Down Arrows in SNMP Credentials do not update the priority list from ascending to descending or vice versa

[PO-8217] - Upgrade 3.3 to 3.3.1 => If user selected a default dashboard that got changed in 3.3.1, then after upgrade, user logs in to a BLANK PAGE

[PO-8238] - Real Time Notifications:Duplicate entries(one for default and other for new) are displayed when we create real time notification for new Notifications with same type and different name

[PO-8251] - Real Time Notifications-Edit: Grid displays last edited recipient text (invalid email address) until browser is refreshed

[PO-8257] - Real Time Notifications - Device Notifications are missing when we create system notifications

[PO-8261] - PKI Error Message in 3.3 different than 3.2.7; is now more confusing to the user

[PO-8262] - Real Time Notifications-Switching between Device and system notification and creation of notifications resulting in clearing off the grid details

[PO-8263] - Errors in lumeta-install post-install script

[PO-8264] - Filemonitor memo path location needs to be /usr/local/lumeta/memopath instead of /home/admin

[PO-8269] - We don't handle repeated or non-incrementing OIDs well

[PO-8274] - CC GUI : While creating RTN's, Notifications column not displaying when modifying the Zone selection and clicking "Check all" button for priority

[PO-8275] - Multiple Device Notifications and Real time Notifications (Device) are getting created

[PO-8296] - Portal, CC Zones are not displayed in the drop down & Go to Map button is not enabled to check maps from Portal

[PO-8298] - Proxy Portal, Enabling firewall rules on Portal and CC leads to "This site can’t be reached"

[PO-8303] - Proxy Portal, (Only Edge Browser) - Enabled firewall on CC, logged in as CBA and CC doesn't show any data in Dashboards, maps e.t.c

[PO-8313] - trunk netboot is broken

[PO-8321] - Proxy Portal CBA: For Edit User,API Key is not displayed when enabled the API Key

[PO-8324] - Packet rate is unreliable at rates below 1000 pps

[PO-8326] - Copy 3.3.1 changes to trunk

[PO-8332] - Update system version number

[PO-8333] - Merge EDC changes into trunk

[PO-8340] - Vertical Expansion Bug in Dashboard Widget

[PO-8341] - Drop table snmpalias_collector as it was deprecated as of 3.3

[PO-8342] - Exception In WSApiClient Log

[PO-8343] - ERROR: update or delete on table "target" violates foreign key constraint "fk_target_hp_target" on table "target_highpriority"

[PO-8345] - Lumeta only sending UDP packets over Port 9997. Which is the Splunk TCP/UDP Port

[PO-8360] - Update database version in

[PO-8365] - 3.3.2 upgrade needs to add hidden collector 0 to all configured zones for EDC

[PO-8370] - Fix query and query timing logs

[PO-8375] - Upload of cloud credentials file does nothing

[PO-8387] - Charts Summary Count not respecting Zone Permissions

[PO-8393] - duplicate key value violates unique constraint "pk_dev_pd" error seen at customer site

[PO-8401] - Null Pointer Exception when ingesting some EDC data

[PO-8405] - EDC collectors are named wrong when adding multiple zones.

[PO-8406] - Default Zone, Added multiple random Cloud AWS data, Zone continuously shows retrieving data and finally throws "Proxy Error"

[PO-8407] - AWS Cloud : Edit button greys out after enabling the scan types

[PO-8413] - Cannot enable DNS discovery sometimes

[PO-8416] - Cloud AWS CLI : Creating again an already existing alias cloud credential doesn't throw error msg

[PO-8420] - For license purposes all customer name comparisons should be case-insensitive

[PO-8423] - Error Casting Exception

[PO-8425] - The dashboard "Device Response Statistics" not respecting Zone Permissions

[PO-8428] - Dashboard category with the same name as an existing dashboard

[PO-8430] - CC GUI : Navigation from Maps/Dashboards to other dashboards,clicking besides the menu text does not navigate to the page

[PO-8432] - cloud credential decryption would fail after re-licencing

[PO-8434] - CC GUI : Dashboards Text Font changing when navigating to Dashboards/Maps/Reports menu tabs

[PO-8436] - Devices discovered by cloudDiscovey and external is not showing up in Device Details as well as Devices by Discovery Type

[PO-8442] - Adding cloud credential is not generating event

[PO-8449] - Reported issues around gathering ARP entries via SNMP at client

[PO-8462] - Scout GUI : "Unable to load page" error msg displayed after logging into scout

[PO-8466] - Settings main Menu is displayed for CC in Read Only

[PO-8467] - Dashboards list has empty option in read-only mode

[PO-8470] - Portal has no "Systems" button

[PO-8471] - Cannot create new dashboard

[PO-8473] - We can collect routes even when not configured to

[PO-8477] - Menu issues: Added a new user defined dashboard category, when clicking on new dashboard category UI is disturbed

[PO-8478] - esi-current, maps are not workings - doesn't load, lumeta-webapp.out shows "UndeclaredThrowableException - ("

[PO-8482] - Report Schedule, Scheduled report disappears when we make the report event inactive which was configured with Frequency in 'Minute'

[PO-8484] - Email server configurations: cannot send test email - Error :Could not send test email. Check the configuration and try again is displayed

[PO-8489] - Portal Read-Only GUI : Opens as admin user,not as Read-only User

[PO-8492] - Occasionally the Signout page is displayed on initial load of the application

[PO-8493] - Portal CBA : Search/Settings pages are displayed blank when logged in as a new nonsuperuser

[PO-8496] - Portal GUI : Login user delete button shows up after clicking Read-only access on CC

[PO-8497] - Dashboard Manager: Properties Section is missing Source Tab content

[PO-8501] - CloudID attribute in AWS Device report is empty

[PO-8502] - Portal GUI : GotoMap opens the Maps page but doesn't show the Name of the Zone in the Page

[PO-8506] - MAC vendor profiling failing on upgraded systems

[PO-8514] - Change OCSP CLI syntax

[PO-8515] - Add user - organizations list overlapped with grid header

[PO-8516] - Search - device details grid headers location differences

[PO-8517] - cloudcredentials: "{device_id:, attr_typ" is displayed for deviceattribute parameter under AWS report

[PO-8519] - Upgrade, Navigation from Zones/Search to Dashboards displays Dashboards list with white background page

[PO-8528] - Core indices dashboard widgets are not displaying data, shows "ERR_QC_TABLE_NOT_FOUND: Unknown table name device_cloudalias encountered"

[PO-8530] - Discovery Spaces list is empty after import config

[PO-8536] - has the zone.device_cloudalias table, causing issues with upgrade to 3.3.2

[PO-8537] - After adding to the zone level avoid list or collector level avoid list, the one not updated is inaccessible

[PO-8541] - Dashboard Category, Adding a new dashboard to existing category from 'Add a widget' pop up is not working

[PO-8545] - Lumeta Not creating Asset Group on Qualys

[PO-8555] - Apparent issue with R scripts provided to client

[PO-8561] - Dashboard Category: Creating a tag with the same name as Dashboard name and editing either one is not allowed

[PO-8575] - CLI command for ocsp responder cert should match similar CLI cert commands

[PO-8577] - CIDR attribute update called with a single type

[PO-8580] - Scout shows connected on CC GUI / Scout shows disconnected on CC CLI

[PO-8583] - console errors from calling getIntegrations() after logging into PORTAL

[PO-8584] - On Portal, CC added with specific lat & long is not displayed at zoomed in position on the map

[PO-8585] - logrotate shouldn't be in cron.daily and cron.hourly, just in cron.hourly

[PO-8586] - syslog at daemon.err (at least) should get to a log file

[PO-8587] - Clicking on the "ExternalHigh" slice of the pie generates a "No data available" message

[PO-8589] - Error displayed in csv file received via email for AWS Devices scheduled report

[PO-8591] - Missing "cerificate Lumeta view" option in CLI 3.3.1 menu

[PO-8593] - Cisco logo is displayed for McAfee EPO intergration

[PO-8598] - Error Stopping Discovery With no Connection To Webapp

[PO-8606] - Maps > Highlight button is greyed out upon page load

[PO-8607] - scanning is not working for scout interfaces

[PO-8609] - Custom Attributes Upload checking overwrite still causes append to data

[PO-8610] - Portal, newly created non super user clicks on settings tab,drill down tab is blank and not clickable

[PO-8615] - CC CLI : Uploading cloudcredential from manager throws error

[PO-8622] - Password input is in plain text

[PO-8623] - Cannot delete custom attributes

[PO-8626] - New user defined dashboard category, clicking on new dashboard category UI is disturbed

[PO-8633] - Update target INSERT's to INSERT...ON CONFLICT's

[PO-8634] - Bad value in CLI cloud credential listing

[PO-8635] - Cloud Azure CLI: Not able to add cloud Azure credentials to a collector via CLI because of SQL error

[PO-8638] - Browse historical - view - report name not shown

[PO-8645] - Deleted custom attribute displayed till refresh

[PO-8648] - IE11: Browse historical - view - report not aligned properly

[PO-8661] - CC GUI:Eventhough editing the Zone of AWS Devices Report in a Scheduled Report, takesup the 1st Zone only in the dropdown

[PO-8664] - CC GUI : Edit button for a scheduled Report doesn't display anything for a custom created Report

[PO-8666] - Interface Data Missing

[PO-8716] - RTN's GUI : After selecting the Notifications,doesn't show the filtered data for adding the recipient's

[PO-8717] - Host scanning Custom TCP port doesn't appear to be working

[PO-8722] - 3.3-->3.3.2&3.3.1-->3.3.2 Upgrade CC : Enabling the API Key doesn't generate the API Key and is getting disabled again

[PO-8723] - 3.3.2:RC5 Netbooted CC GUI: Edit OSPF is not greyed out for user with viewer role

[PO-8732] - Identify Line chart widgets that are missing legends and add legends to them

[PO-8733] - left join in update_target_proc function is different in 3.3.2 netboot compared to upgrade

[PO-8734] - Add log statement before and after vacuum is run

[PO-8744] - Map: ensure data from previous export is removed

[PO-8749] - CLI: Azure Credentials Not Saving

[PO-8750] - CLI: Cloud Saves Wrong Credentials -- Remove commandline option to add cloudcredentials

[PO-8753] - Cannot delete zone and see errors in log

[PO-8756] - Password controls configured on CLI are not enforced at the GUI level for min and max days

[PO-8763] - IE11-Edge & Mozilla: CC-GUI- Dashboards: Table view is not showing complete data related to Pie chart sometimes. Only working in Chrome as expected.

[PO-8774] - Create annual/monthly/yearly/daily schedule throws error; doesn't create.

[PO-8776] - password-controls override leads to system is in maintenance mode

[PO-8785] - After enabling password controls, User should always provide a complicated password to change the password

[PO-8788] - password-controls Max days does not prompt user to change password sometimes

[PO-8789] - password controls adding line to /etc/pam.d/passwd multiple times

[PO-8790] - lockout duration and window sets in sec not min

[PO-8792] - Password controls override , User cannot change password even if the system date is changed to greater than Max days

[PO-8798] - Configuration of DXL integration results in NullPointerException

[PO-8801] - You cannot create new user after you change password

[PO-8804] - indexes are created on target table that should be on target_highpriority table

[PO-8837] - Settings=>Support Tools =>SNMP Walk=>v3 with auth=MD5 shows error

[PO-8852] - Fix consolidation query


[PO-6631] - Improved and Enforced data segregation across organizations

[PO-6632] - Encryption of data at rest

[PO-6633] - Support the ability to brand the Lumeta appliances for MSSP

[PO-6634] - Lumeta Command Centers must report utilization information back to Lumeta Audit Server

[PO-6635] - Lumeta licensing must support a mechanism to license Scouts which does not require Lumeta Support interaction

[PO-8086] - EDC: Create API framework

[PO-8089] - EDC: Device ingestion

[PO-8220] - Add Cloud ScanType to Database and API

[PO-8221] - Create zone.device_cloudalias Table

[PO-8223] - Create zone.cloud_alias Table

[PO-8224] - Add New Class CloudSettings

[PO-8225] - Add New Inner-Class CloudCredential

[PO-8226] - Create New Class in ZoneDataUtils CollectorCloudCredSource

[PO-8227] - Add Constructors to CollectorCloudCredSource

[PO-8233] - Add hasNext and next to CollectorCloudCredSource

[PO-8240] - Add setCloudCredentials() to ZoneDaoImpl (Do Not Encrypt)

[PO-8241] - Add ZoneDao.getCloudCredentials Query

[PO-8242] - Add getCloudCredentials() to ZoneDaoImpl

[PO-8244] - Modify getCloudCredentials() in ZoneDaoImpl to Decrypt

[PO-8246] - Add Query ZoneDao.deleteCollectorCloudCredentials

[PO-8247] - Add deleteCollectorCloudCredentials to ZoneDaoImpl

[PO-8248] - Add deleteCollectorCloudCredentials to ZoneManagementImpl

[PO-8249] - Add setCollectorCloudCredentials to ZoneManagementImpl

[PO-8252] - Add getCollectorCloudCredentials to ZoneManagementImpl

[PO-8253] - Modify getZones in ZoneDaoImpl to Add Cloud Detail

[PO-8254] - Modify updateZone in ZoneDaoImpl to Update Cloud Aliases

[PO-8255] - Modify updateCollector in ZoneDaoImpl to Update Cloud Aliases

[PO-8256] - Increase discovery-agent’s Heap by 256Mb

[PO-8259] - Security updates for 3.3.2

[PO-8276] - Create Class CloudScanner with Member Variables

[PO-8277] - Add AWS API to Discovery pom

[PO-8278] - Add start(), stop(), and getName() to CloudScanner

[PO-8279] - Add configure() to CloudScanner

[PO-8282] - Add run() to AwsConnection

[PO-8283] - Add Cloud Tab to Collector Configuration Ribbon

[PO-8284] - Add Sub-Tabs to Cloud Tab for Configuration and Credentials

[PO-8285] - Add Edit Button to Cloud -> Configuration with Enable Check Box

[PO-8286] - Make edit button to Cloud -> Configuration with Enable Check Box Call API

[PO-8287] - Add Peer Configuration to Cloud -> Credentials

[PO-8288] - Create Add Popup in Cloud -> Credentials

[PO-8289] - Make Edit Button to Cloud -> Credentials Call API

[PO-8290] - Modify Collector_config to Support AWS Credentials

[PO-8291] - Modify to Support AWS Credentials

[PO-8292] - Modify collector.xml to Support Cloud Credentials

[PO-8293] - Add AWS Devices Report

[PO-8329] - create upgrade to 3.3.2

[PO-8331] - dashboards metadata different from netboot, 3.2.6->...->3.3.1

[PO-8350] - Set up OCSP testing environment

[PO-8352] - APIs to get and set OCSP parameters

[PO-8353] - View and set OCSP parameters in CLI

[PO-8429] - Newly created Dashboard sub menus are not seen until the page is refreshed or user navigates to a different page

[PO-8451] - Add Azure API to Discovery pom

[PO-8452] - Add AzureJob to CloudScanner

[PO-8499] - compare exported X15 metadata of upgrade -vs- netboot

[PO-8529] - move orphaned interfaces sql from upgrade to rpm

[PO-8592] - portal upgrade failure before file upload

[PO-8713] - uptick kernel for security for 3.3.2

[PO-8767] - Bring Defect Backlog to verify and close to ZERO

[PO-8796] - STIG V-13735 - gui directory listings are seen from jetty ui/scripts and ui/modules

[PO-8861] - Ingest list of devices and assets


[PO-6538] - Zone Level Avoid List

[PO-7376] - Orlen desires the ability to export (as CSV, e.g.) Historical Reports as the screen display is not searchable

[PO-7558] - Update vendor list to include firewalls

[PO-7609] - Add custom tag to dashboards to control hide/show behavior for dashboards menu

[PO-7983] - Quantify Queue Latency

[PO-8199] - Profile patterns issues and request

[PO-8309] - Add UI support for Zone level Avoid lists

[PO-8311] - Change upgrade process not to drop and recreate all the functions and procedures

[PO-8361] - CLI needs CRUD for zone level avoid list

[PO-8372] - Implement expiration of old SNMP responses

[PO-8373] - Implement expiration of non-system, non-userdefined Attributes

[PO-8400] - Tell user how to get help when paging

[PO-8410] - Highlight by custom attribute

[PO-8426] - Delete orphaned interfaces as part of upgrade

[PO-8454] - Additional awsJob work

[PO-8463] - Create Device.addCloudAlias method (and associated queries)

[PO-8464] - Add integration for FireMon

[PO-8465] - Add Deep link to launch FireMon UI from FireMon dashboard

[PO-8475] - Implement expiration of Cloud aliases

[PO-8476] - Add cloud aliases to model and UI

[PO-8507] - Optimize cidr update query to operate on only the cidrs that are impacted instead of entire set of cidrs in attribute_cidr table

[PO-8511] - Create query for map code to use to return device count per attribute type and name

[PO-8520] - Add more intervals to device count dashboard

[PO-8526] - Allow GUI upload of OCSP responder cert

[PO-8531] - Add cloudAlias to device details -> Device Info tab

[PO-8532] - Add Endpoint Trends dashboard

[PO-8533] - Download sample cloud credential file from GUI

[PO-8563] - Update Report Schedule dropdown options

[PO-8568] - Map: highlighting UI shows wrong message when no devices match

[PO-8588] - Log error when Tenable integration API call to get token runs out of max. allowed sessions

[PO-8605] - Custom Attributes feedback message is misleading.

[PO-8692] - Set password expiration to 60 days

[PO-8693] - Change to account lockout parameters

[PO-8694] - Change to password reuse rules

[PO-8695] - New password change frequency restriction

[PO-8711] - can not login to couple of upgraded systems after installation is finished and ERROR: could not create unique index "uk_target"  is displayed

[PO-8738] - Add table and index bloat stats to gather diagnostics

[PO-8794] - Script Compare - A script that will compare binaries, db tables between a netbooted and upgraded system



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