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Adding Trusted Sites and Security Certificates

This page pertains only to Lumeta systems such as the Lumeta Portal and Lumeta Command Center on which Private Key Infrastructure (PKI) has been enabled

Adding a Portal or Command Center to IE's Trusted Sites

Follow this procedure to add any PKI-enabled Lumeta system (i.e., Lumeta Portal or Lumeta Command Center) to Internet Explorer (IE) browser's list of trusted sites:

  1. In Internet Explorer, open Internet Options.
  2. Click the Security tab.
  3. Select the Trusted Sites zone.
  4. Click Sites.

  5. Set the Security Level for the zone to Low.
  6. Add the IP addresses of the Lumeta system (e.g., Lumeta Portal, Lumeta Command Center) you want to include in your list of Trusted Sites and then click OK.
  7. Refresh your browser.
    Your Lumeta system has been successfully added to IE's list of trusted sites.

Accessing a PKI-Enabled Portal or Command Center

  1. Log in to an Lumeta system (e.g., Lumeta Portal, Lumeta Command Center).
  2. Click the Certificate Error on the URL bar and click the View Certificates link.

  3. On the Certificate window's General tab, click Install Certificate.
    The user certificate installs.
  4. Refresh your browser.

  5. Select the "admin2" certificate and then click OK.

  6. Click Yes to trust the Lumeta Portal or Command Center site.

    You are now able to access the PKI-enabled Portal or Command Center without restrictions.

Connecting Command Center to Portal

The process to connect a Command Center to a PKI-enabled Portal is as follows:

  1. Connect a Command Center to your Portal (Settings > Lumeta systems).
  2. To access a Command Center through the Portal, right-click on the Command Center icon and then on Login.
    The Command Center opens in a new browser tab and displays a User Certificates dialog box with a prompt to accept the certificates.
  3. Accept the Portal user certificate and click OK.
  4. Again, the user certificate dialog prompt is displayed.  This time, click Cancel to continue.

    The following message displays, indicating that you have successfully accessed a restricted resource.

  5. Return to the Portal tab and refresh your browser.

  6. The map now displays the Command Center icons that had been uploaded for it, rather than a red, broken-link icon.   This indicates that the two components have been successfully connected.

  7. Next Step: You may proceed by clicking the Command Center icon to open it.

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