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The Core Indices dashboard brings together essential information about your network.

Forwarding Devices

Shows the the proportion of forwarding devices in a zone of a particular device type. In this zone, 60% of the forwarding devices were identified as routers. Another 20% were found to be L3 switches, and the remaining 20% of forwarders were identified as other types of infrastructure. In the Lumeta GUI, you can hover your mouse over any pie slice to show a count.

Shows identifying details on the forwarding devices. The last column shows that all of the devices found by zone collectors were located in the NJ zone.

  • IP - The Internet Protocol address (e.g.,
  • MAC - Media Access Control address (e.g., 01:23:45:67:89:ab)
  • DNS - Domain Name Service -
  • Active -Does the forwarder respond to requests?
  • Device Type - Category of appliance (e.g., general purpose, bridge, broadband router, firewall, hub, load balancer, phone, power device, printer, proxy server, remote management, router, security misc, storage misc, switch, telecom misc, terminal, terminal server, VoIP, WAP, webcam)
  • Forwarder - Is the device a forwarder?
  • Vendor - The seller of the device (e.g, Cisco, Juniper, Windows)
  • Zonename -  The zone in which the forwarders were found.

Known Networks

Shows the proportion of found networks listed in the user's Known list. By hovering your mouse over a section of the pie chart on the dashboard GUI, you'll display a count for each category represented in the zone. This NJ zone, for example, contains 32 CIDRs that were not on the user's list of Known networks.

Shows device-details on unknown networks (i.e., networks not included on the Known list) that are eligible (aka trusted) for investigation.

  • Route - The network identifier/CIDR
  • Known - Is the CIDR on the zone's Known list?
  • Internal - Is the CIDR on the zone's Known list?
  • Zonename - Zone in which the CIDR was discovered.

IP Utilization

Discovered IP address space categorized by first, second, or third CIDR blocks.

Device-details about same.

Known Network and IP Utilization Reports



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