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This series describes how to fully deploy a new Lumeta Command Center and Scouts on a VMware platform. 

  1. If you already have an installed Lumeta system to upgrade, please refer instead to the Upgrade Process page.
  2. For information on other platforms to which Lumeta can be deployed, please see the Supported Deployment Platforms page.
  3. For written deployment procedures (not video), scroll down.
  4. To increase the disk space for a Lumeta system, see Increasing Disk Space in Azure.

  1. Deploy a Command Center

  2. Configure the Command Center

Pages in this chapter:

Full Deployment of a Lumeta Command Center & Scouts
  1. Get Ready
    Fulfill prerequisites, system, and browser requirements.

  2. Download the Installation Package
    Log in to Lumeta's secure SFTP site for the installation bundle.

  3. Allocate System Resources
    Provision your hypervisor/virtual machine manager (VMM) with resources.

  4. Open the Lumeta OVA
    Unpack a virtual Lumeta.

  5. Initialize Lumeta     
    Initialize your Lumeta system from its command-line interface (CLI).

  6. Activate Your License
    Procure and import a license-key file, then activate it.
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