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In this Discovery Data Metrics dashboard, a "message" is analogous to an envelope. An update is like individual notes or objects within that envelope.Widgets on this dashboard show the . . .

  1. Incoming Discovery Updates by Scan Type - Number of updates Lumeta received within your selected time frame, organized by the method of discovery.
  2. Incoming Discovery Updates by Collector - Number of updates each collector received within your selected time frame.
  3. Incoming Messages by Collector - Number of messages each collector received within a time frame you select.

  4. Incoming Messages by Scan Type - Number of messages Lumeta received via each discovery type.

  5. Incoming Discovery Updates Detail - Details associated with unprocessed incoming information and processed incoming information, specifically, the number of updates received but not yet processed, and the number that have been successfully processed.

  6. Processed Discovery Updates Detail - Device Update Stats is how many updates are in active processing.  When the updates are processes as soon as they are received, you'll see a single line on the Device Update Stats chart.  When the lines diverge, that indicates a backup—that there are more incoming messages than can be efficiently processed.  If you click the orange Received indicator, the orange line will be hidden and you will be able to see the Processed line beneath it.

  7. The Queue Depth - How many messages are lined up awaiting processing

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