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An ePO user without Admin privileges can be granted permissions to use the Lumeta extension as follows:   

  1. On the McAfee ePO server, click Hamburger icon > Permission Sets.
    Notice the new permission set created for this installed extension called "LumetaRemoteCommandPush."

  2. Click LumetaRemoteCommandPush and on the right side options, click Edit for System Tree Access.

  3. Select My Organization and click Save.

  4. Select Lumeta Remote Command and click Edit.

  5. Select "Activate permission to run remote command for Lumeta extension " and click Save.

  6. Click Hamburger icon > Users.
  7. Select the user that will be using the Lumeta extension and click Actions > Edit.
  8.  Select the LumetaRemoteCommandPush permission set and save the user.

    Now you this particular user can configure the Lumeta extension in McAfee without admin permissions,and can get and post data to, from, and into ePO.

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