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To amplify Infoblox IP address management capabilities, first configure the Lumeta Infoblox feed, and then review the IP Address Management dashboard, located on Lumeta's Dashboards > Integrations menu.

The dashboard provides a variety of useful information:

IPs Unmanaged by Infoblox - IPs Lumeta found on your network that Infoblox doesn't know about and doesn't have under management. Together, these unknowns represent a knowledge and IPAM gap–a vulnerability that could be exploited. This information is presented visually, in a bar chart that shows the volume of unmanaged, and also in a table with details on each unmanaged IP address (i.e., IP and MAC address, responsiveness and when the first and last response was received, and the Zone in which the device is located).

IPs Unmanaged by Lumeta - These are those IPs managed by Infoblox that Lumeta did not find on the network. Typically there will not be any devices managed by Infoblox that have not been indexed by Lumeta. In the event these widgets show results, check your your Lumeta discovery configuration, which is not providing the level of visibility you require. Contact us for help in identifying the prospective source  of the problem.

Infoblox- and Lumeta-Managed IPs - When this subset becomes the whole (i.e., when all devices are managed by both resources, you have complete, demonstrable IPAM–useful in managing physical and virtual address space.

Following is the IP Address Management dashboard. All analytics from the Infoblox feed go here. None affect Map filters, Reports or Search.

Export or Push Data to Infoblox

Lumeta automatically pushes the device attributes of operating system (OS), device type, and DNS name to Infoblox starting in Lumeta 3.2.4.

All data in any dashboard widget can be exported from Lumeta by clicking the Export icon (i.e., the away-pointing arrow), then imported to Infoblox. when you get to Infoblox, you can click on the Data Management tab and Search for CIDRs and associated IPs from Lumeta.

The data displays in Infoblox as

  • DNS - domain name service
  • OS - operating system
  • Site Value - data source, such as "Lumeta" (or "Spectre" if you're using an earlier software release)
  • Device Type -  category of asset such as router, printer, switch

Submit a comment at the bottom of this page if you have a question or need additional information about the IP Address Management dashboard.

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