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At the beginning of each term of a multi-year Lumeta subscription, customers are prompted to renew their Lumeta software licenses. You'll receive an alert message and reminders to renew well in advance of your license expiration date. For more on licensing, see License Procurement & Activation.


To renew your Lumeta license:

  1. Log in to Lumeta SFTP at with your customer credentials.
  2. Look in your Downloads/Licenses directory for a filename similar to "Lumeta-license-1234567890A.pdf" where the alphanumerics match the last segment of your Lumeta universal unique identifier (UUID). Save this file to your local system. This PDF file is your license certificate--your record of being an Lumeta license-holder. 
  3. Open the PDF file. It contains a pointer to your license key, which has a .p12 filename extension (e.g., Lumeta-license-1234567890A.p12). Save this .p12 file to your local system - this is the license that you will apply via the Lumeta GUI or Command Line.
  4. Log in to Lumeta.
  5. Browse to SettingsLumeta Systems > License and then click Install/Update Lumeta License.
  6. Click Select License File and enter the location of your .p12 license key.
  7. Review the End User License Agreement (EULA) online or download it for review.
  8. Click I Agree to accept the terms of the license agreement. Otherwise, click I Disagree.
    Provided you have accepted the terms, the license renews and all Lumeta system features and capabilities are enabled for the contract year ahead.

Should you encounter a problem while attempting to renew your license, please contact for assistance.

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