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The important use of Asset Manager's command-line interface (CLI) is to initialize Asset Manager after it has been newly deployed. After you have completed this post-install setup, you may opt to use Asset Manager's browser interface to perform most operations, or you may prefer to continue using the CLI. Though spare in appearance, the Asset Manager CLI is a powerful interface with ongoing value.

The procedures to log in the CLI from a host running SSH, from a VMware ESXi console, and from an Asset Manager console follow:

Log in CLI from Host Running SSH 

  1. Open a host or server that supports SSH.

  2. At the prompt, type ssh <yourUID>@<yourservernameOrIPaddress> and press Enter. For example:
        ssh admin@

  3. In response to the "Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?" prompt, type "yes."
    The system responds with a prompt for your password.

  4. Enter your password and press Enter.
    The system records the time and IP address from which you logged in. This information displays the next time you log in. You have successfully accessed the Asset Manager command-line interface. The Initial Configuration screen displays.
    If this is your first login, use the default user ID and password.

Log in CLI from VMware ESXi Console

Enter your UID and Password to login to Command Center, Portal, or Scout from a VMware ESXi console.

Log in CLI from Asset Manager Console 

At the command-line prompt of your Asset Manager appliance, enter your UID and Password.

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