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The changes made in preparation for this Lumeta Spectre 3.3.3 release as of 5/23/2019 include the following.


PO-8859 - FireMon Integration Enhancements

PO-9387 - Migrating the Spectre Systems area to Angular

PO-9399 - Search Devices (Device Detail in context menus) Migration to Angular

PO-9405 - Migrate Device Profile Patterns to Angular

PO-9655 - Qualys Integration Enhancement


PO-399 - Adding a collector with the same name to second zone removes the collector from first zone

PO-647 - Fix query to find forwarding device count

PO-652 - Possible multi-session issue with delivery of notifications to browser clients

PO-879 - Default Map disappears after admin>createzone>discovery

PO-880 - Very first node discovery, do not show up, while viewing maps.

PO-881 - No network map is shown, after new zone/new collector/device discovery procedure undertaken

PO-948 - The URL for retrieving the hardware UUID from an ESI System doesn't work

PO-986 - SNMP Discovery Pop-up=> Max route table size: Is it in bytes or number of entries?

PO-1019 - Possible to attach a Command Center to another Command Center as a scout

PO-1069 - CLI: system interface on unlicensed system give unhelpful error

PO-1078 - Making changes to known/trusted/internal list does not reflect it in discovered devices

PO-1157 - CLI welcome banner says "IPsonar"

PO-1185 - VM network adapter name is sometimes eth1, not eth0

PO-1267 - CLI: system postinstall_wizard and system reinit should be separated for the following reason...

PO-1276 - Text issue: "Observer" mention

PO-2157 - Zone Name was not displaying properly

PO-2164 - Search Window searches other than IP/MAC/SystemNAme

PO-2176 - Certain port numbers are not displayed correctly when exported.

PO-2177 - The HTTP/HTTPS ports field accept numbers which are not either http/s

PO-2252 - Moving to particular zone when we click outside of the zone in Dashboard

PO-2259 - Zone Name was missing in Dashboard Notification

PO-2465 - Modal windows missing proper css for Install license, upload files

PO-2468 - ESI 3.0 dojo side - its subtle, but zone list and collector grids missing bottom border

PO-2512 - Admin App - Update button unreachable in (Edit) Path Modal

PO-3418 - CLI system feed list command should check for valid feed name

PO-4080 - Portal in CC context shows Acknowledge buttons

PO-4081 - Map in portal context throws error when targeting a specific IP

PO-4142 - Icon path/host string as label when none specified

PO-4255 - Portal: Acknowledge button is showing in portal context

PO-4372 - ePO Incorrectly Indicates When Properly Configured

PO-4648 - Smartcommits not working

PO-4672 - Console Does Not Sort Properly

PO-4771 - No badges after collapse attached hosts

PO-4981 - IE 11 use of startsWith is throwing an error in Dojo

PO-4997 - Patch httpd mod_proxy_wstunnel To Fix Internal Server Error

PO-5044 - Incorrect Reporting Of Running Services (On Unlicensed box)

PO-5198 - Apparent database connection leakage

PO-5268 - Null Pointer exceptions fill log, run system out of space

PO-5508 - AS Path being reported incorrectly by discovery

PO-5758 - Data in infoblox tables is not getting deleted before starting ingestion

PO-5776 - After we restart a service, the Service/Status box remains empty and Warning message does not disappear

PO-6054 - Edit widget group option & Club icon is showing even if there is only one widget in the Dashboard (After deleting the rest widgets in Dashboard

PO-6301 - Device Details/Notification Subscription grids unable to minimize/maximize column widths

PO-6514 - Discrepancy in attached layer-3 host counts

PO-6526 - CLONE: PO-5608 API Authentication Can Be Bypassed

PO-6535 - collector updated event is not getting propagated to scout

PO-6572 - move dracut -f from lumeta_init to esi.ks.template

PO-6754 - Dulplicate lumeta http proxy rule

PO-6769 - Modsec generates a 403 error because of the value of the JSESSIONID cookie

PO-6861 - Replace Spectre Text in browser tab (the html title) with Name of CC for CBA and Read Only - also identify Portal

PO-6892 - netboot postinstall needs reboot to be in FIPS mode

PO-6926 - Device details -> Pxgrid IP Sessions appears broken

PO-6988 - PKI-CBA: click on login button on CC from portal results in login of portal user and not cc user even after installing same user certs on both portal and CC

PO-6996 - 3.2.6 CC and Portal : Session time out functionality is broken. After 4 hours the system's sessions are not timed out.

PO-7003 - Issues with getting the right user and roles in the right place on the UI (portal versus cba)

PO-7612 - Build Error - lumeta-queries.log

PO-7656 - httpd Error When Starting

PO-7777 - ProxyPortal-->CBA: Login page is displayed when clicked on maps,search,settings tab

PO-7833 - Remote scout upgrade fails

PO-7959 - After LIcensing a Newly Built Scout, you are UNable to connect Scout to CC. Have to reboot after licensing Scout

PO-8024 - Error in processing device responses are not making it in zonePublisherOut file

PO-8061 - Error on CLI when Enabling SNMPD: no access control information configured

PO-8099 - Fix CLI log show command

PO-8266 - Exceeding IP count does not force re-licensing

PO-8314 - Login of portal on multiple tabs shows core indices dashboard page as default on login

PO-8324 - Packet rate is unreliable at rates below 1000 pps

PO-8370 - Fix query and query timing logs

PO-8450 - Portal beacons not working in static map mode

PO-8559 - Map notification links are black instead of blue

PO-8579 - /var/log/lumeta-queries.log isn't correctly logging postgresql queries

PO-8613 - Map > Group by First Octet doesn't reset/refresh map for Group by Custom Attribute

PO-8646 - Entries for a collector seen in target table for credential that is not configured for that collector

PO-8689 - Map: Cannot switch between custom attributes if one of them has no nodes

PO-8690 - CC GUI:Dashboard - Most Recent Activities: Most recent Notifications & Most Recent Targets: Option 'Filter on Column' vanishes once user clicks on ‘Refresh widget’

PO-8691 - CC GUI : Settings - Zones: Interface and rescan details are displayed in white font, when user clicks on button which is preceding to collector name

PO-8715 - Target table details for CIFS targets are not updated when ports open closed state changes

PO-8755 - CLONE - CLI: Cloud Saves Wrong Credentials when using CLI commandline

PO-8782 - Don't see Reports in drop down when creating a Report Schedule with a report that has no widgets (they were deleted)

PO-8787 - IE11: Add Report Schedule - chose Annually - Buttons shifted

PO-8797 - Out of memory condition from Discovery

PO-8798 - Connection to McAfee DXL fails and throws Null Pointer Exception because certs are stale

PO-8809 - Proxy Portal, Maps doesn't show Custom Attributes for Read only User

PO-8812 - Password controls , Remember scenario, "Password change required." showing twice in Pop up message

PO-8816 - Sorting columns in report issue

PO-8817 - Password controls, User cannot change password on the same day the user account is created

PO-8828 - Disney is seeing devices where SNMP Aliases, snmpAccessible, snmpResponder is all set, yet discovery does not show snmpDiscovery

PO-8831 - Unable to export the AWS Device data in Browse Historical

PO-8868 - Issues with Report Schedules with Custom Reports having(with no widgets)

PO-8891 - Schedule Report: Add/Edit shows All Devices as not filterable by Zone - but they are

PO-8894 - Schedule Report: Textarea in modal allows user to expand textarea outside the modal border

PO-8904 - Main Menu in Angular displays Dashboards later than other main menu options

PO-8905 - Prevent User from adding a scheduled report if the report selected has no widgets

PO-8926 - Real Time Reports: when all widgets have been deleted show a message on the UI as such. confirm and clarify when deleting last confirm last widget

PO-8944 - Device Details: Tab Control navigation icons get truncated after adding FireMon Tabs

PO-8956 - Maps continuously shows "Loading custom attributes" when no data is available on CC

PO-8962 - Right click on Map/Stealth Router/Device Details: Briefly lists all IPs then a blank screen

PO-8973 - Add Report Schedue Screen: The Report drop down list is not populating

PO-8984 - Map custom attributes not working

PO-9008 - Cannot email scheduled reports using SMTP, test email is sent correctly

PO-9017 - Asset group within Qualys is being populated with an incorrect IP count.

PO-9023 - Add ID for reports widget name header

PO-9025 - CLONE - Entries for a collector seen in target table for credential that is not configured for that collector

PO-9034 - Zone Configuration: Adding an IPv6 address a non-CIDR notation appends /32 to the address. It should append /128

PO-9035 - Spectre GUI: Cannot delete IPv6 address (fully expanded IPv6 address) from any Zone Configuration List

PO-9038 - /var/spoo/esi files shows ip set to 2600:802:460:653:: in devices* file (rather than the expanded ipv6 address as the ip)

PO-9054 - Map should layout when not enough devices to group

PO-9068 - Firemon Integration Dashboard→select widgets which says unmanaged by Spectre and click on IP→Endpoint Context/Action, Add to Eligible List & Add to target list are missing.

PO-9069 - Apparently not handling certain IPv6 Interface addresses correctly

PO-9080 - Qualys Integration UI does not check user name and pwd. Enter Invalid User names and pwds and UI still replies with product configured correctly

PO-9082 - Targets being generated for Archived and disabled collectors

PO-9083 - Archiving Collectors does not update

PO-9099 - GUI-Settings-Integrations-Qualys: Unable to submit the Qualys details

PO-9100 - Disable SSH Reverse DNS Lookup

PO-9160 - Notification Subscriptions - title is wrong on page (still syas just Notifications)

PO-9164 - Map VLAN highlighting: unchecking doesnt reapply color

PO-9165 - Organizations allows adding of blank organization

PO-9166 - Map saved positions not working

PO-9170 - Device details columns headers are shifted on the GUI when attempting to resize the same column

PO-9172 - Unable to assign Sysadmin role to AD User

PO-9177 - We need scroll bar on map drop-down list

PO-9181 - Organizations: add does not work after edit was clicked

PO-9183 - Child devices remain Active even though the lastobserved is past the data expiration date

PO-9190 - PKI - System logged out when click on Manage User PKI link

PO-9197 - post install script should allow users to place IPv4 AND IPv6 address

PO-9209 - system interface list command does not show correct IPv6 address.

PO-9211 - Performance testing showing very bad performance

PO-9220 - ip6 traces have malformed hop addresses

PO-9221 - ip6tables interferes with normal ipv6 operation

PO-9223 - https://<spectre_system>/map/data/ accessible without authentication

PO-9241 - Dropping a table with a periodic statement then recreating the table issue

PO-9247 - Edit Report brings up dialog that looks like Edit Widget instead

PO-9258 - Ingested trace table has incorrect zone id

PO-9260 - Device Discovery Results: Active and Known = False. But the Correct CIDR is in Known List and Discovery Spaces

PO-9263 - Cannot add 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0/0 OR 0::/0 in Eligible list via GUI or CLI

PO-9278 - Scanning errors around SNMP (Index out of range, bad alias)

PO-9286 - Role and Organization should be considered as one value in upload group-mapping

PO-9293 - AD server name, realm name, domain name accepting invalid data

PO-9296 - Do not allow user editing when Active Directory is enabled

PO-9299 - Cannot delete Organization with "///" in name

PO-9301 - Not all users shown on organizations page

PO-9310 - AD Groupmapping--> CSV file upload validations failed

PO-9314 - AD user able to login after deleting from GUI/CLI

PO-9319 - AD user should not login to spectre system after leavead

PO-9338 - AD user from a deleted group should not allowed to login to spectre system.

PO-9345 - Spelling Mistake in Status of Spectre Components page

PO-9347 - Path should not be highlighted if no traces selected

PO-9352 - Report Scheduling does not list available reports ZenDesk #1493

PO-9364 - Right Click on Menu open in a new tab is missing (3.3.3)

PO-9389 - zone.updatetargetspace_log contains no entries, but individual zones like zone_0002.updatetargetspace_log does.

PO-9416 - Dashboards sub level list has wrong names

PO-9417 - Click on item that has subcategory should not open new dashboard

PO-9442 - (PO-9431) Port to Trunk

PO-9449 - Interface Counts and Details differ from data in device files

PO-9454 - Styles applied site-wide

PO-9460 - Make sure Copyright is set to 2019 for 3.3.3

PO-9474 - Group mapping- CSV file upload not showing errors when groups are mentioned in wrong format

PO-9476 - 3.3.3 upgrade is deleting all attributes not just orphaned attributes

PO-9489 - Portal Settings menu is missing Users (interface to maintain portal users)

PO-9500 - SNMP discovery is not working. error in log (SnmpHunter ) - processBackground has been running for -1 seconds, flushing devices and re-running

PO-9504 - Port missing from certificate report click through(3.3.3)

PO-9505 - CLONE - Target Updater did not run on Zone 2 today because of a deadlock

PO-9515 - NJOHS: SNMP not reporting as expected

PO-9539 - Port changes for PO-9538 to trunk - Certificates from older (pre scouts are being ingested into database

PO-9550 - Improve inbound packet handling throughput

PO-9558 - Device Profile Patterns--> Import-->the uploaded file always replaces the existing one regardless of choosing whether to over write or not.

PO-9565 - "Use of unitialized value ...." error is generated when a box in maintenance mode is tried to reboot

PO-9567 - CLONE - Scan all responsive HTTP / HTTPS ports when HTTP/HTTPS profiling is enabled

PO-9578 - Port changes for PO-9012 to trunk

PO-9588 - Support Tools page of 3.3.3 has 2018 copyright date

PO-9591 - /etc/cron.hourly/rmnfdata uses a lot of CPU when we're below 50% disk space

PO-9594 - Modify 'aduserroles' API to get roles list instead of role ids

PO-9622 - Spectre system angular Page: Selected (Status = Disconnected) system's License details must be relevant and empty

PO-9665 - Chrome/Firefox browsers:Enable/Disable toggle button text is overlapping on Integrations and PKI pages.

PO-9669 - HttpScanner NPE fills logs and runs small system out of disk space

PO-9685 - Create a new certificate for DXL with 5 years validity

PO-9686 - Device details angular page: Cloud tab text is overlapping with Lumeta footer.

PO-9689 - Search should require zone field populated

PO-9692 - Show device details from MAC does not find device

PO-9707 - Edit Device Search - does not work

PO-9712 - AD-->Group mapping issues

PO-9718 - Add database changes made for AD feature to upgrade

PO-9720 - Document and verify x15 backup and restore functionality

PO-9734 - Search angular migration: Firemon Assets & CVES tab: Address & SdHost Address should be hyperlinks and clickable.

PO-9741 - Device Profile tab:The field 'Value' is missing in Angular version of device details

PO-9743 - Identify discrepancies for target, trusted, internal and known

PO-9765 - Firemon Devices tab:Few data discrepancies on search results angular page with query results

PO-9775 - No zone name on map page

PO-9776 - Angular search:The column headers displayed on List of Devices & IPs are not matching with the Dojo version.

PO-9777 - Angular search:Interfaces tab: Data is missing for columns Host IP Address and Host MAC Address. Able to see data for the same IP on dojo search results.

PO-9778 - Angular Search: SNMP aliases results are not matching with dojo search results.

PO-9790 - Angular Search: Attributes fields display order is not consistent with Dojo version.

PO-9793 - Angular search: Searching with MAC Address does not show all the list of devices

PO-9794 - Angular search:Show device details from Reference IP does not show the correct device info

PO-9796 - Change algorithm that picks reference ip address to not mandate that reference ip address has to be in target list

PO-9807 - CLONE - Device answers SNMP queries for non-interface address Port to Trunk

PO-9811 - Map does not work on today's netboot

PO-9819 - Device Profile Patterns menu option shown in portal menu

PO-9837 - Uploading config cidr updates parent's device values for known, target, trusted and internal

PO-9840 - setting log level to DEBUG is throwing Null Pointer Exception

PO-9851 - device found in Azure/AWS Cloud does not show Cloud Aliases associated with the device

PO-9867 - Page not responding error when search for trace

PO-9868 - gather_diagnostics should fail if --x15-table option is specified without -x

PO-9871 - restore_x15_db with -f -d option clears out the contents of the table

PO-9872 - restore_x15_db -d option errors out with ERR_OBJECT_ALREADY_EXISTS error

PO-9874 - An unlicensed system can become unusable if the client navigates away after accepting the EULA and before applying a license

PO-9891 - Device Info shows different and incorrect counts in subsequent searches

PO-9896 - Add Zone should not be available for Viewer role

PO-9900 - esi-current:Scan is not working for CC/Scout interfaces.Unable to discover devices in scan

PO-9903 - On CLI: "support db orphans delete" command displays an error

PO-9908 - Cloud Visibility : After the post install wizard on FireMon CloudSDK system,gives a permission denied message

PO-9910 - Cloud Visibility : On Firemon CloudSDK System,the CLI cmd "top" doesn't come out of the subcommand,gets stuck

PO-9913 - CloudSDK CLI : "Defaults set <options> " doesn't give further subcommands for the user

PO-9923 - (CV) cannot change passwords

PO-9932 - CloudSDK CLI : "certificate getca & remove cmds throws tracebacks

PO-9943 - AD-->netbios validation error message should change while changing the netbios name

PO-9947 - CloudSDK CLI : "cloudctx" has to be changed to "cloudScout" everywhere

PO-9949 - update_iface_db (run through cron) sporadically fails to update system.interface

PO-9953 - Feed config is not getting saved for Cloud Visibility

PO-9954 - Once a collector has been archived, it cannot be effectively disabled

PO-9957 - Footer and tab text should include "Lumeta, a FireMon company"

PO-9962 - Update Logo on Login and Logout page to use cropped logo

PO-9963 - Modsec rules are not being used in 3.3.3

PO-9964 - CloudSDK CLI : "aws discover" cmd shows different options than what is expected

PO-9973 - Risk Assessment Dashboard is showing error on Enterprise Risk Summary widget

PO-9976 - Device Notifications- Edit - Optional Filtering Criteria section: not listing any 'Device Type' details to select.

PO-9979 - AD-->Groupmapping- sub-command suggestion still appears after end of the command

PO-9991 - (CV) Missing param from CLI aws add command

PO-9992 - hitting the back arrow in the Manage RADIUS Authentication screen goes to Dojo Spectre Systems

PO-9993 - Qualys Integration - IPs are getting added to subscribed list when auto subscribe is off

PO-9999 - "FireMon" should be spelled with a capital M on all Dojo and AngularJS screens

PO-10005 - Custom Attribute is not showing up for the device

PO-10007 - CloudScout CLI : adding AWS account using role based credentials gives error-- Need inputs

PO-10010 - CloudScout CLI : Are all the "defaults " options required in the CLI from user perspective?

PO-10014 - Issue logging in from GUI after upgrade to 3.3.3 TFA enabled.

PO-10019 - CloudScout CLI : "aws discover" options need changes

PO-10020 - CloudScout CLI: "support" reboot,shutdown cmds aren't working

PO-10025 - Periodic statements getting executed twice due to table drop and insert not clearing up the statements

PO-10027 - Upgrade from to 3.3.3 using RC1 fails on both CC and Portal

PO-10029 - No data is ingested from CloudScout on Spectre build because of HTTP 302 error

PO-10030 - CLoud Scout--> Adding AWS account is not working with regions

PO-10032 - AD--> AD user are authenticating to Spectre after disable AD

PO-10042 - Browse Historical filter by Reports & Schedules is not working on upgraded CC 3322 to 333-RC1 build

PO-10043 - AD-->Unable to enable AD in 3.3.3 RC1

PO-10044 - Client connection error: java.nio.channels.ClosedChannelException is displayed on lumeta-webapp.out log file continuously.

PO-10045 - Upgrade from to 3.3.3-RC1 build:Firemon Integration Dashboards:Unable to see data on widgets after integration is enabled.

PO-10046 - PKI - back to manage system arrow: Navigating back to dojo Admin Systems page

PO-10047 - PKI - Manage user PKI - return to manage users arrow: Navigating back to dojo User Management page

PO-10048 - Manage RADIUS Authentication - back to manage system arrow: Navigating back to dojo admin systems page

PO-10049 - Real time notifications (Device), not able to create new Real time notifications for devices on upgraded CC 3322 to 333 - RC1 build

PO-10054 - Find Path: Device IP Address search doesn't work in all cases

PO-10055 - All Integrations:Unable to add Eligible/Target list items to the selected Zone/Collector from integration dashboard widgets.

PO-10056 - Unable to login with newly added user says Invalid username and password

PO-10057 - Zones--> Cloud , uploading file to overwrite existing data throws "Java lang run time exception" on upgraded CC 3322 to 333 - RC1 build

PO-10061 - Chrome is crashing with "Aw, Snap" when bulk upgrading Scouts

PO-10069 - If a system upgrade does not complete, the system is left in maintenance mode

PO-10070 - Search Device Details: Showing Json data instead of integer values on firemon devices tab

PO-10071 - x15 query timeout - Cloud Visibility : Cloud Security Group Risk Summary Details widget is unable to fetch the data

PO-10072 - Optional Filtering Criteria: Newly added device notification is getting saved along with optional filtering criteria details (which are chosen recently for other edit notification)

PO-10073 - PKI-->Non default superuser is not having Add, Edit, Delete, Manage PKI Users options under User menu

PO-10074 - Cloud Visibility: Some InstanceID's are not clickable in the widgets

PO-10076 - Non default superuser is not having Add, Delete Users options under User menu

PO-10077 - PKI--> Unable to upload Server Certificate

PO-10081 - cloudscout lumeta-crs install error, modsecurity disabled

PO-10082 - x15 query timeout - Cloud Visibility : Clicking on the bar of Cloud Overall Risk Summary details gives Error: Unable to fetch query results

PO-10083 - CC + Portal + PKI Enabled + Same user cert installed + Using CAC card to get user certs ==> does not work :)

PO-10086 - PAM /etc/pam.d/passwd Looking For Spectre Component

PO-10090 - Cloud Visibility : After configuring the Credentials, Access Key and Regions values are not shown.

PO-10091 - Cloud Visibility: Dashboards-->CloudVisibility--> Click Instance ID-->Instance Details-->Security tab gives blurred data

PO-10094 - two CLI authorization menus?

PO-10095 - Turn Off Password Controls on Cloud Scout

PO-10096 - Cloud Visibility : Cannot add more than one cloud credential in GUI

PO-10099 - snmpwalk via CLI fails for V3 user with noAuthNoPriv

PO-10100 - Error message seen in log when adding Cloud Scout, however Cloud Scout is added

PO-10103 - Cloud Visibility : Remove the "Visibility" above the ON button similar to all other integrations

PO-10104 - Multi-Interface scout upgrade from to 3.3.3-RC2 is failing

PO-10107 - Cloud Visibility : Clicking on the Cloud Map gives VPC ID for all the menu items in the dropdown,has to change accordingly

PO-10111 - CLONE - snmpwalk via GUI fails for V3 user with noAuthNoPriv

PO-10114 - All command visible to every user regardless of roles

PO-10119 - Cloud Visibility Credentials: after basic record is inserted the grid does not show the new record - until a page refresh

PO-10120 - Cloud Visibility Credentials: after basic record is deleted the grid still shows the deleted record - until a page refresh

PO-10121 - PKI--> CA, User, SSH, Server certs are accepting the same certs for the second time

PO-10122 - Scout upgrade from to 3.3.3RC2 build 13678 from GUI fails throws error "java.lang.OutofmemoryError:Java heap Space"

PO-10124 - PKI--> No green lock available in browser address bar after server is installed

PO-10127 - Device Profile Patterns page is accessible to Viewer and Manager

PO-10136 - Cloud Visibility: Spectre GUI not giving exceptional error messages when the aws account is added- still says added the accnt successfully

PO-10137 - PKI: new users asked to change password when logging into CLI

PO-10139 - All Integrations: Unknown collector "_EDC_ZoneName_EDC_" is showing in collector drop-down list when adding selected ip to target list

PO-10141 - CLONE - The file /var/log/performance-data/java.txt is not being rotated

PO-10143 - CloudScoutCLI : Changing the log level to ALL is making the CloudScout to getting stuck/crashed

PO-10150 - TFA--> Change password window is showing after TFA user logs in to spectre for the first time

PO-10152 - Tor Nodes data is missing post-upgrade from to 3.3.3 RC2

PO-10153 - Device Details:Map is not expanding and highlighting the selected device on map when trying to navigate Maps from device details page.

PO-10154 - TFA--> Default admin is able to access the TFA enabled spectre system from GUI & CLI

PO-10156 - Zones: Custom Attributes file upload & Add from GUI functionalities doesn't work only on upgraded from to 3.3.3RC2 box

PO-10167 - Cloud Visibility Configuration Does Not Reload

PO-10172 - CloudScout CLI : "aws remove " doesn't remove the account even when only one accnt is there

PO-10173 - DOJO menu leads to old Device Profile Patterns

PO-10174 - Device details: Unable to see ports on leaking response tab

PO-10182 - CLI certificate command bugs

PO-10187 - Device Details=>Blank Ips are displaying on device details search results

PO-10188 - CloudScout CLI : Read-Only user is able to change other users passwords - it should be able to change only self

PO-10190 - remove the invocation of dojo functionality via url or app link/redirect if it was migrated to angular

PO-10191 - Device details: DNS name and few other columns data is missing on devices list tab

PO-10193 - CV-Community License--> No header with logo and menus and no footer either in Home page after cancel the licence prompt

PO-10194 - CloudScout CLI : User with Administrator role and Issues

PO-10195 - CloudScout CLI : User with Superuser roles and related CLI Issues

PO-10198 - /var/log/performance-data/java.txt not being deleted during upgrade

PO-10201 - Add System Feed Table Changes to Upgrade

PO-10205 - Cloud Visibility Credentials Form and Grid has changed slightly

PO-10209 - Device details->Interfaces:Discrepancies in displaying data for index column on angular version.

PO-10210 - Search=> Devices: when searching for Instance erroneous zone name shows in search button tooltip

PO-10212 - Cloud Visibility GUI : Risk Parameters tab doesn't have a Image Blacklist and IPv4 Blacklist textboxes

PO-10215 - CloudScout CLI : change other users passwords should give better readable messages

PO-10223 - Risk Parameters cannot be tested because of Incorrect URL is passed

PO-10228 - Fix Cloud Visibility Map grouping

PO-10231 - CV--> Unable to login to Cloud scout with newly created users and unable to delete them as well

PO-10234 - CLI: Interface setting for LeakPath Discovery does not get updated in GUI

PO-10235 - Portal -> CC -> Read-only mode -> Reports -> Click on Device and Select Map

PO-10239 - CV-Community License--> Cloud scanning--> AWS instances restriction failed

PO-10240 - Fix email address in license violation messages

PO-10241 - LicenseService.checkCloudScannerAccounts method fails to check cloud scanner account limits

PO-10242 - Unable to login to GUI with user created from CLI interface when pwd contains special character(s)

PO-10247 - Top Menu is inconsistent between Angular and Dojo due to user permissions

PO-10250 - Cloud Visibility Maps: Device Details & maps does not navigate from Maps-->Instances -->Device Details

PO-10251 - Cloud Visibility GUI : Searching an Instance in Device Details --> Clicking Maps on the IP doesn't navigate to Maps Page

PO-10252 - Cloud Visibility: Security Risk Groups is not showing the risks for security groups, instead it is showing instance based risks

PO-10254 - Risk Parameters Page -- Example for White list and Black list image is incorrect

PO-10256 - Device Details:Not navigating to Maps page by selecting map from Connected Hosts - Layer 3 and Alternate Ips tab.

PO-10257 - CV-Community Licence--> Ip count restriction failed

PO-10258 - Reports, click on IP to navigate to Maps Doesn't work , Dev tools Console shows - TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined

PO-10262 - CV-Community License--> License enforcement should show instead of Alert message

PO-10269 - profile patterns are being deleted from p0f.fp and not just pattern.xml

PO-10272 - SysAdmin user attempts GUI access - gets "undefined" after changing password

PO-10273 - When Map says "device you selected appears to have no direct connections", Click on "Go to device details" leads to error message {{ vm.noDataMessage }} in Device details Search page

PO-10280 - TFA--> (current) UNIX password: is asking after TFA user logs in to CLI

PO-10285 - CV : Dashboard widget print tool tip doesn't display the data when only one AWS account details is added

PO-10290 - Cloud Visibility GUI : In Device Details --> hovering over Instance search result shows tool tip Zone and the Zone name don't apply

PO-10291 - Cloud Visibility GUI : Searching Instances is allowing to move to next page eventhough all are displayed in a single page.

PO-10293 - Cloud Visibility GUI : Searching the instances using wildcard chars doesn't change the count when moving back and forth

PO-10296 - Issues with formatting of API call between Spectre and Cloud Scout related to Risk Parameters

PO-10299 - Post net boot licensing prompt indicates process may take up to 2 minutes but takes approximately 4 minutes

PO-10303 - Cloud Visibility GUI : Adding an AWS cloud credentials with already existing AWS account is not giving an error in GUI ...CLI thows the error

PO-10304 - Device Details:Cloud Aliases showing blank on Device info page though cloud discovery is enabled with latest credentials.

PO-10308 - Issue logging in from Portal GUI after upgrade to 3.3.3 not TFA related


PO-5 - Topology via OSPF

PO-48 - Authentication Design

PO-50 - Create Authentication and Session Management API

PO-54 - Create Zone configuration API

PO-59 - Broadcast Gatherer

PO-60 - Routing Protocol Gatherer

PO-61 - Path Hunter

PO-82 - Host Hunter

PO-100 - Assign role to user via CLI

PO-101 - Assign role to organization via CLI

PO-108 - Dump entire system configuration to flat file

PO-115 - Import/Export user accessible files

PO-116 - Rearrange CLI to have more commands in noun-verb order

PO-118 - Infrastructure to allow for exporting files via scp

PO-119 - Remove CLI functionality not supported in this release

PO-122 - Branding at console/CLI level

PO-124 - assign collector to zone via CLI

PO-125 - List defined collectors via CLI

PO-126 - List defined zones via CLI

PO-127 - Create new zone via CLI

PO-128 - Assign organizations to zone via CLI

PO-130 - Configure collector via CLI

PO-131 - Configure collector via CLI: OSPF

PO-132 - Configure collector via CLI: broadcast

PO-133 - Configure collector via CLI: path

PO-134 - Configure collector via CLI: host

PO-135 - Configure collector via CLI: snmp

PO-136 - Create SNMP credentials via CLI

PO-137 - Import IPsonar data to Observer via CLI

PO-144 - interface config: make sure scripts and services are in sync

PO-145 - Assign or remove a single user from a role

PO-147 - Import SDG or scan config via CLI

PO-148 - CLI to display Observer version

PO-149 - Add ability to page lengthy output in CLI

PO-151 - User will be able to execute any given view to render its corresponding data

PO-152 - Implement pub/sub framework for event notifications

PO-156 - Scanning agent should start using system config and register for connector config updates

PO-166 - Create event detail query

PO-169 - Configure OSPF collection for IPv6 via CLI

PO-171 - CLI export command

PO-172 - CLI commands to start/stop ScanManager

PO-236 - Create Collector administration interface (add, update, delete)

PO-241 - Add re-scan logic

PO-242 - Add avoid list support

PO-243 - Add stop list support for path/host discovery

PO-247 - Add support for targeting all hosts in patch scanning (HDPATH)

PO-267 - Enter OSPF area and router id as either integer or dotted octets

PO-268 - Allow user to specify which parts of collector config to list

PO-309 - Implement Layer 2 Discovery

PO-310 - Implement Device Profiling

PO-311 - Implement Port Discovery

PO-321 - Change BYPASS_ACCESS to user attribute

PO-322 - Access control based on user permissions

PO-323 - User must be able to configure logging and retrieve log data

PO-334 - Allow user to select an organization when creating a zone

PO-335 - Partition the Web UI CSS for better readability and maintenance

PO-341 - Remove notes field from Zone GUI

PO-342 - Remove notes field from Zone object model

PO-363 - Change CLI to match PortSettings and ProfilingSettings classes

PO-383 - Session Timeout is not visible in the UI

PO-406 - Need API for upgrade and package info

PO-407 - Change Lumeta-supplied role names

PO-409 - Add port discovery to CLI

PO-416 - Add port discovery report to ESI

PO-420 - Add Address Space -> All Responses to ESI View

PO-439 - Add sort to report

PO-442 - Finalize Device Profiling implementation (excluding OSD/TCP)

PO-446 - Implement Perimeter Analysis

PO-457 - Implement API framework for sorting for UI reports.

PO-458 - Implement query and report definition for "Must" reports

PO-459 - Implement Top 10 Reports and required queries

PO-539 - Add Notification framework for events/notifications/alerts

PO-547 - Add Notification summary report for top 10

PO-560 - Allow multiword org names and zone names in CLI

PO-601 - Search: Include IPv6 addresses as possible search results.

PO-608 - Top Ten: Make sure the data is actually for the zone being examined.

PO-609 - Top Ten: Change "Events" header to "Notifications"

PO-611 - Top Ten: Implement a method to cause each chart to refresh in an appropriate time period and manner

PO-616 - GUI: Admin: Collector configuration needs to support only collector level lists

PO-617 - GUI: Masthead: Modify masthead to include additional navigation

PO-618 - GUI: Homepage: Remove Administration tab

PO-626 - Give users the ability to choose which zone map to view on the landing page

PO-650 - Session timeout is apparently not working correctly or being invoked due to something else.

PO-697 - Support IPsonar ESI distributed (remote) collection platforms

PO-699 - IPsonar ESI will allow custom notifications to be generated and distributed to users.

PO-720 - Create scout specific CLI

PO-725 - Create scout specific API server

PO-732 - Configure appliance platform firewall to drop non-established connections

PO-1034 - Lumeta Network Index UI implementation

PO-1062 - Tooltip

PO-1065 - Highlighting/Search

PO-1101 - Modify layout to be full screen

PO-1103 - Map Zoom

PO-1140 - Right click context menu

PO-1144 - Add new logo

PO-1148 - Make force chart less forceful

PO-1150 - Move edge lines behind icons on map

PO-1152 - Hide admin button to non-admins

PO-1159 - Create/update unknown icon

PO-1160 - Only show deviceId in debug mode

PO-1169 - Add signed in user text

PO-1188 - Design adjustments

PO-1219 - LNI pie slice width appears to be backwards (lower risk factor is larger)

PO-1265 - upcoming GUI changes (approved by Joe)

PO-1719 - Add BGP discovery type to Collector configuration

PO-1729 - Add support for BGP discovery type

PO-1737 - Add functionality to support custom attributes

PO-1738 - Modify version display so that it can show 2.2 instead of something like 2.2.123456

PO-1741 - Add reports and detail info for DNS

PO-1775 - Add support for custom fingerprints

PO-1776 - Implement Layer 2 maps

PO-1790 - Add query builder feature

PO-1811 - Clicking on Map menu shows "No zones found" even though there is a zone available

PO-1821 - syslog-ng config file errors or warning

PO-1830 - Custom Attributes : Inconsistent alignment on Attributes Label-->View Attribute Values

PO-1859 - CLI log command has errors

PO-1876 - UI is continuously making failed requests to backend after session has been closed

PO-1883 - Report: Forwarders with no SNMP access

PO-2429 - Include X15 UI in ESI netboot

PO-2493 - Zone->Zone Networks: cannot delete added CIDR's and upload empty file.

PO-2535 - Lumeta icon should link to default dashboard

PO-2768 - Set default zone

PO-2808 - Net Boot issue - log throws error about duplicate query

PO-2820 - Expand all attached hosts

PO-2877 - Edge colors

PO-2942 - Reporting App - remove all references to X15

PO-3014 - Create beta release

PO-3046 - Dashboard=>Indexing Stats: Devices by Zone shows 522776, Events by Type DEVICE_DISCOVERED shows 1043743.

PO-3106 - Login Banner Page

PO-3114 - Change approach that passes user password to Reporting App from Admin

PO-3252 - esi update build software needs a home in svn

PO-3254 - Layer 2/Attached host badge colors

PO-3260 - Hide device type dropdown

PO-3262 - Node context menu incorrectly shows Expand after Expand All

PO-3312 - esi-update needs tuning

PO-3319 - esi 2.2.1 endgame, tagging

PO-3336 - Add ESI Configurator to SVN

PO-3482 - Admin menu name should be changed

PO-3896 - Portal UI - CC Health Status Indicator

PO-3914 - Enhance Leak Discovery to perform either inbound, outbound or both directions

PO-3924 - Admin: Settings -> Users (when system type is portal) does not redirect to the correct page

PO-4055 - create update to 3.1.1 from 3.1

PO-4057 - Update header to include command center context

PO-4122 - Portal: notifications deep link to map

PO-4123 - Portal: load notifications initially

PO-4288 - update to 3.1.2beta

PO-4815 - Build Update to 3.2

PO-5118 - Integration - Qualys

PO-5172 - Build the 3.2.1 upgrade

PO-5310 - Migrate Login Page from Dojo to X15 side and handle Sign Out and session loss to include proper redirection

PO-6373 - create upgrade to 3.2.5

PO-6597 - Documentation - Re-branding ESI to Spectre

PO-6934 - Modify interceptor for user API call

PO-7252 - PO-5701: Implement threading for Export Visio API call

PO-7414 - Merge Trunk UI to Proper State

PO-7426 - Port upgrade changes from branch esi-3.2.7 to esi-3.2-maintenance

PO-7427 - Port upgrade changes from branch esi-3.2.7 to trunk 3.3.

PO-7692 - (X15) Upgrade x15 rpms to use databind version 2.9.5

PO-7799 - Restrict access to Scout UI

PO-7905 - Push Spectre data to Tenable

PO-8335 - Improve performance on big maps (3.3)

PO-8547 - Create script for active directory configuration

PO-8548 - Create APIs to enable/disable/configure/view Active Directory configuration

PO-8551 - Refactoring for PKI and licensing CLIs

PO-8762 - Implement Enterprise DB Recommendations for postgres

PO-8766 - Wrong messages when min/max date pass

PO-8861 - Ingest list of devices and assets

PO-8862 - Add Mapping to display protocol names instead of protocol number

PO-8888 - Automate upgrade creation so it could run nightly

PO-8907 - security updates for 3.3.3

PO-8909 - Add dashboards for Ingested devices and assets

PO-8910 - Add Risk Score information to Tenable dashboards

PO-8912 - Add a tab to Device Details to display information captured from FireMon ingestion

PO-8913 - Add functionality to nest submenus

PO-8916 - Implement submenu nesting on dojo code base

PO-8922 - QE Stability Environment - scripts to monitor, graph and report daily and weekly CPU and IOPS statistics

PO-8945 - create upgrade to 3.3.3

PO-8960 - Add ID for each report in left side column

PO-8992 - verify that moving away from running update target once a day for inserts and updates is not causing any loss in target generation

PO-9002 - Modify Database sytem.feed and sysetm.feed_config Configuration to Support CloudMon

PO-9042 - latest jre in trunk svn, but not in esi-current netboot target

PO-9047 - Write, Review Test Plan Active Directory Support

PO-9051 - Add highlighting functionality on Map based on device risk score

PO-9062 - Implement allowing duplicate MAC addresses

PO-9071 - Allow Spectre admin to upload AD groups list from CLI for mapping with Organizations

PO-9072 - Port AD changes from feature branch to trunk and test

PO-9076 - Add organization

PO-9106 - Show number of orphaned interfaces

PO-9107 - Show number of oprhaned certificates

PO-9108 - Show number of orphaned system and customer attributes

PO-9110 - Periodically monitor system health and log results

PO-9111 - CLI command to perform database vacuum full analyze

PO-9133 - Create table & queries for AD group to Spectre role mapping

PO-9134 - API to upload group-to-role mapping file

PO-9144 - Create a script (expect) to auto-upgrade a box given IP(s)

PO-9152 - Schema changes for allowing duplicate MAC addresses (PO-9062)

PO-9159 - CLI to show orphans

PO-9212 - the compare QE tool is failing at the ssh login yes/no question

PO-9239 - SPIKE - Document Device Details area functionality in preparation for Angular conversion

PO-9262 - script revert of a VM to current snapshot for repeated upgrades

PO-9268 - Create End to end feature tests for Organization management page in Angular

PO-9280 - Port AD work to trunk

PO-9291 - Port changes for PO-9012 to trunk

PO-9302 - Add changes to update target that came from requirement review meeting

PO-9316 - Device Detail Page functionality currently in dojo

PO-9332 - tweak upgrade build, revert, upgrade flow and emails

PO-9369 - Port changes to trunk PO-8896 & PO-9285

PO-9372 - Migrate Device List Tab (multiple devices)

PO-9374 - Migrate Device Info Tab

PO-9375 - Migrate Device Profile Tab

PO-9376 - Migrate Device Attributes Tab

PO-9377 - Migrate Device Interfaces Tab

PO-9378 - Migrate Connected Hosts - Layer 3 Tab

PO-9379 - Migrate Open TCP Ports Tab

PO-9380 - Migrate Closed TCP Ports Tab

PO-9381 - Migrate Leak Response Tab

PO-9382 - Migrate Device Notifications Tab

PO-9383 - Migrate Alternate IP's Tab

PO-9384 - Migrate Cisco PxGrid Tab

PO-9385 - Migrate Firemon Tabs

PO-9386 - Migrate Cloud Tabs

PO-9398 - Port Angular User code to master branch

PO-9410 - Spectre Systems - Design and landing page

PO-9412 - remove 2 unnecessary luks pkgs, not needed

PO-9413 - STIG modify /dev/shm mount options

PO-9418 - STIG add adjtimex to audit rules for auditing

PO-9419 - Update JRE as our current EOL end of Jan 2019

PO-9426 - Current upgrade to 3.3.2 does not run all data dictionary sqls

PO-9433 - Spectre Systems: Add system

PO-9434 - Spectre Systems: Remove system

PO-9435 - Spectre Systems: License information

PO-9437 - Import fingerprints file

PO-9438 - Export fingerprints file

PO-9439 - Delete fingerprints file

PO-9440 - Download sample fingerprint file

PO-9441 - Download fingerprint xsd file

PO-9446 - tweak QE autoupgrade to test GUI after upgrade

PO-9455 - automate nightly Compare of netbooted-vs-upgraded QE boxes

PO-9457 - Spectre Systems: OSPF configuration

PO-9458 - Spectre Systems: CEF Configuration + Notifications

PO-9459 - Spectre Systems: OSPF configuration

PO-9477 - Update Authentication related test cases in Zephyr

PO-9487 - Complete end to end feature testing on Trunk for Device Details

PO-9556 - Show alert message when user/admin tries to modify/delete AD user

PO-9564 - STIGs 2019 Q1

PO-9648 - STIGs pam.d 2nd file password-auth missing system-auth tunes

PO-9650 - Add Cloud Visibility Configuration, Cloud Visibility Credentials, Risk Parameters Tabs

PO-9652 - Modify Cloud Visibility and Risk Assessment Widgets to Not Depend on Postgres

PO-9653 - GUI - Modify Device Search to Search by Instance

PO-9662 - Close Resolved Issues

PO-9666 - Port Feature/Devices branch to Master branch

PO-9698 - Save AD configurations in a file and then allow user to enable config

PO-9699 - Add required log statement to AD feature

PO-9700 - when AD is enabled only basic-auth superuser will be allowed to login to Spectre along with AD users

PO-9715 - x15 config file differences between netboot and upgrade

PO-9722 - Tel Aviv Cloudplatform OS needs the rest of security

PO-9731 - (CV) Configure logging in CLI

PO-9735 - Port changes to trunk PO-8963 -- Password controls override does not override maxDays default value

PO-9736 - Port changes to trunk PO-9516

PO-9737 - Port changes to trunk PO-9611

PO-9751 - Complete end to end feature test of Device profile pattern on Master branch

PO-9752 - (CV) Create RPM to set system version and initialize system

PO-9756 - update Dojo main menu to use angular version of Search Devices

PO-9795 - Firemon Look and feel of Login Page (Signout) - no more Ninja

PO-9817 - Create Query and Widget For Security Group Risk Data

PO-9830 - Community edition limitation

PO-9842 - Add Hyperlink for Instance ID to Cloud Visibility

PO-9843 - Modify Cloud Instance Inventory Query

PO-9848 - SQL - Modify Device Sarch to Search X15 for Cloud Devices

PO-9854 - Update AD user roles based on group mapping

PO-9857 - Monitor number of cloud accounts

PO-9858 - Monitor number of cloud instances

PO-9859 - Prohibit export of data for cloud community licenses

PO-9860 - Updates POST 3.3.3: Send/Receive telemetry from cloud community edition CC

PO-9864 - Child IPs are not found when Searching Devices

PO-9885 - Roll back support of Lists in the API for now

PO-9886 - Remove ability to denote specific tables in dump_x15 console command

PO-9895 - Retrieving previously-set log levels via the CLI does not work

PO-9935 - (CV) Remove CLI commands that retrieve scan data

PO-9937 - Remove host option from CLI commands

PO-9966 - (CV) New license fields need to be displayed in CLI & GUI

PO-9995 - detune postgres for cloudplatform as it will be a tiny DB

PO-10031 - Cloud Scout--> aws add help text should change

PO-10041 - Incorporate new CLI drop from Tel Aviv

PO-10068 - Replace CLI EULA with latest text version

PO-10088 - cloudscout ip6tables rpm error about missing older kernel module

PO-10092 - cloudscout chkconfig couchbase-server argument option typo

PO-10113 - Optional arguemts in a pattern's regex expression cause a SQL error

PO-10140 - CLONE - upgrade to 3.3.3 doesn't check the FROM version right

PO-10175 - Licence count accounting when both CloudScout and CloudScanner are configured

PO-10200 - security update samba for 3.3.3

PO-10202 - netbooted box had no observer DB user

PO-10217 - zookeeper occasionally doesn't start on boot up

PO-10219 - CLONE - security update samba for 3.3.3


PO-3042 - provide Support Tools inside Reporting App

PO-4675 - Implement changes to move login page in angular + merge x15 update

PO-8560 - Map: highlight by VLAN

PO-8566 - Highlight by custom/system attribute should have default colors

PO-8596 - FEATURE REQUEST: first_observed for routes

PO-8741 - Map: legend item call out

PO-8815 - Add a deep link to bring user to device details page in FireMon Security Center

PO-8850 - Update Spectre version for trunk and 3.3.2-maintenance

PO-8856 - Update autovac parameters for Spectre

PO-8858 - Turn on autovacuum logging by default

PO-8937 - Implement select for update for queries that update system.session

PO-8947 - Add list of zone names to be selected if query requires them as part of parameters

PO-8950 - Investigate postgresql parallel queries

PO-8952 - Test/Automation: add way for scripts to target slices of pie chart

PO-8970 - Implement select for update for getscanrequests

PO-8986 - Map performance: Highlighting progress

PO-8991 - Map highlighting: sometimes out of order

PO-9011 - Identify the port that a certificate responded on

PO-9028 - Map upgrade: export map image

PO-9029 - Map upgrade: legend pop up not finding targets

PO-9030 - Map legend needs scrollbar

PO-9031 - Map upgrade: beacons don't stop if you uncheck them in preferences

PO-9032 - Ingest device complexity information from FireMon

PO-9033 - Map highlighting: remove some system attributes

PO-9044 - Create Risk Assessment Dashboard

PO-9077 - Edit organization

PO-9142 - Changes to FireMon integration that came out of demo

PO-9143 - Change update target to take a flag and perform inserts/updates based on the flag

PO-9145 - Add functionality to display help/tooltip for dashboard columns

PO-9154 - Map highlighting: fix counts on map side

PO-9157 - Map VLAN highlighting: address multiple VLAN devices

PO-9161 - Update DOJO organizations menu

PO-9168 - Dashboard Tag Validation requirement

PO-9194 - Notify Users if the Admin enabled or disabled PKI

PO-9213 - Changes to db tuples and bloat commands

PO-9222 - Port bloat/orphans/tuples/vacuum commands to

PO-9230 - Remove password entry from Active Directory CLI join config and change to linux prompt

PO-9231 - Offline login when AD server unavailable

PO-9232 - Fix AD viewconfig

PO-9234 - Allow AD group file to be uploaded from a remote system

PO-9297 - Add Organization with same name error message should be more descriptive

PO-9324 - Find Path: only show unique traces

PO-9333 - Find Path: show message when there are no results

PO-9392 - Added Discovery Agent Logging When Configuring

PO-9415 - add filter device.allchildren to ZoneData

PO-9462 - Update DOJO Users menu

PO-9466 - Change column order to help database compare script not fail on it

PO-9467 - Device Profiling Project

PO-9517 - New Logo - Firemon

PO-9537 - Consolidate CRS installation and update into one RPM

PO-9609 - Investigate and optimize treeSet performance in discovery

PO-9645 - Clear cifsName upon receiving NACK for tcpPorts or cifs

PO-9657 - UI - add user interface to support network mapping enhancement

PO-9658 - Add API to save network mapping in Spectre

PO-9659 - push devices to Qualys based on network mapping

PO-9682 - Check in 4.16.1 version of x15 rpm

PO-9740 - Remove dependency on dead ips-import code

PO-9812 - Write dedicated queries to support device search by instance Id

PO-9814 - Housekeeping: Drop log table that was created as part of upgrade

PO-9876 - Saved Query Device Search All Zones

PO-9894 - Update Spectre Systems menu on dojo side

PO-9898 - CLONE - Bug around suppressing frequent collector updates

PO-9899 - Community Edition Telemetry - Store customer email address

PO-9914 - Display help text messages when user is enabling Qualys Integration

PO-9924 - Modify Collector Update Logging

PO-9928 - CloudSDK CLI : Cleaning up the log server o/p's

PO-9940 - CloudSDK CLI : "user" cmd outputs need to be more clear

PO-9974 - Make stealths active color (blue)

PO-10015 - Additional Testing for Interfaces: few scenarios that need testing against (and eventually 3.3).

PO-10033 - Add cloud map menu item to Dojo

PO-10063 - Link in Map message needs to be updated

PO-10161 - Cloud Visibility - Expose IP address in the dashboard

PO-10163 - Make the "Cloud Visibility" map link and heading consistent

PO-10169 - Display a consistent "empty map" message on the Cloud Visibility map

PO-10206 - Add Tab under instance details to show interfaces

PO-10216 - Examples in Cloud Risk Parameters

PO-10222 - CV-Community License--> Instances limit exceeded alert message should change

PO-10226 - /var/log/discovery-log.out and make sure the "Event: " + event messages aren't displayed at INFO but are at DEBUG.

PO-10229 - Cloud Visibility GUI: Secret Key text box shud not be saving the cache of previous keys for security reasons


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