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The McAfee ePO integration provides McAfee ePO customers with a way to ensure that the ePO agent is installed comprehensively on all network devices in a particular segment (or multiple segments) as intended.  The integration reconciles McAfee findings with Lumeta findings and in so doing, uncovers:

  1. Assets lacking the McAfee ePO agent, which show up in Lumeta-only dashboard widgets and in the McAfee ePO console.
  2. Assets to which visibility is blocked, which show up in McAfee-only dashboards widgets and in the McAfee ePO console.
  3. Assets with comprehensive management, which show up in both McAfee and Lumeta dashboards widgets and in the McAfee ePO console. A McAfee user with read-only permissions for the following parameters will be able to configure and use in this integration:
    • Queries & Reports
    • Software
    • Software Manager 
    • System Tree Access

Lumeta Lumeta accomplishes this by fetching McAfee ePO-managed data, comparing it to Lumeta-discovered data within the same network space, and then pushing the findings back to the ePO server. This ensures on a continual basis that ePO has the complete set of networks and devices to manage.

Lumeta VersionEPO VersionEPO Plugin Needed
4.0 or greater5.10LumetaRemoteCommandPush-EPO5.10-Lum4.0
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