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This Performance Metrics dashboard proves a visual way to monitor the health and operational well-being of your Lumeta system. This dashboard has been added at Lumeta 3.3 to the standard set of dashboards that comes with Lumeta. The Performance widgets populate automatically, without any setup or configuration by users necessary.  Like all dashboards widgets, these can be edited or saved in the form of a query, a view, a widget, or an alert. 

The dashboard provides a variety of useful performance measures:

  1. Incoming Message Queue Depth - The number of messages waiting to be processed by Lumeta
  2. Heap Stats by Time - Illustrates how much heap space is used vs. how much is available. When a system's heap space is used up, the system generates an error because it attempts to add more data into the heap space area, but there is not enough room to do so.
  3. Message Throughput - Illustrates the maximum number of messages that can be processed over a given interval of time. Message throughput is also called system throughput.
  4. Processed Discovery Updates Throughput - How quickly can a discovered device be processed?  How quickly can a trace between two network devices be completed?
  5. Incoming Discovery Updates Throughput - How quickly can an incoming discovery be received/queued?  How quickly can a trace between two network devices be received/queued for processing?
  6. Requests by Collector - When were requests made by collectors?
  7. Average Time to Process Discovery Updates - How long does a typical Lumeta "GET" request take to process?
  8. Queue Latency - How much time has elapsed between the time a message is received and when it is processed?


Refresh your browser to update all widgets on the dashboard. Or, set an interval at which to automatically refresh a selected widget on the dashboard ( > Gear icon > ).

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