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This integration combines Lumeta’s index of your network with Qualys  to provide your security policy management software with a comprehensive set of network data. The two solutions work together to eliminate gaps in vulnerability coverage and improve your organization's security posture.

The Qualys integration provides Qualys customers with a way to ensure that the Qualys agent is installed comprehensively on all network devices in a particular segment (or multiple segments) as intended.  The integration reconciles Qualys findings with Lumeta findings and insodoing, uncovers:

  1. Assets lacking the Qualys agent, which show up in Lumeta-only dashboard widgets and in the Qualys console.
  2. Assets to which visibility is blocked, which show up in Qualys-only dashboards widgets and in the Qualys console.
  3. Assets with comprehensive management, which show up in both Qualys and Lumeta dashboards widgets and in the Qualys console. A Qualys user with read-only permissions for the following parameters will be able to configure and use this integration:
    • Queries & Reports
    • Software
    • Software Manager 
    • System Tree Access

Widgets on Lumeta's Vulnerability Management dashboard are populated using a combination of IPs indexed by Lumeta and IPs from the qualys_scanned_ips table and the qualys_subscribed_ips table, as follows:

IPs Unmanaged by Qualys

IPs indexed by Lumeta yet unmanaged by Qualys

(aka Lumeta-Indexed - Qualys-Subscribed table on Lumeta)

IPs Unmanaged by Lumeta
IPs managed by Qualys yet not indexed by Lumeta
(aka Qualys-Scanned/Managed table on Lumeta - Lumeta-Indexed)

IPs both indexed by Lumeta and in Qualys managed list
(aka Intersection of Lumeta-Indexed and Qualys-Scanned/Managed table on Lumeta)

Configuring the Qualys Integration

An Lumeta superuser can configure connectivity between the Lumeta Command Center and the Qualys server as follows:

  1. Log in to Lumeta as a superuser.

  2. On the main menu, browse to Settings > Integrations  > Other Solutions > Qualys.

  3. Complete the configuration form, including Polling Interval, Qualys Server Name, Username and Password, and then click Submit.

    Polling IntervalHow often (in hours) that Lumeta should poll Qualys for information
    Server NameThe Server name or IP address of the Qualys server. 

    PasswordYour Qualys password


  4. Enable the integration by toggling the Active control from red to green. The message "Product configured properly" displays when the Qualys has been successfully configured. 

    1. The Lumeta Extension installs on your Qualys server. See How to Confirm Installation for more.

    2. Results populate the Qualys Integration dashboard.

    3. Confirm this by browsing in your Lumeta UI to Dashboards > Qualys Management.

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