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Lumeta will soon announce the general availability of Lumeta 3.3.1, a security-focused upgrade with some product enhancements. This upgrade is recommended for all Lumeta users. 

Upgrading to Lumeta 3.3.1
Upgrade PathUpgrade ProcessUpgrade Package


3.3 Command Center

3.3.1 Command CenterUpgrading to Lumeta Spectre 3.3.1

Lumeta Upgrade 3.3.1-20180531

MD5: 0935cacf52364580ebcc42247bda9a5d *spectre_update-3.3.1-20180531.tgz

3.3 Scout

3.3.1 Scout

3.3 Portal

3.3.1 Portal


Enhanced capabilities introduced in Lumeta 3.3.1 include the following:

  1. Notifications Options
    The Settings > Notifications option has been restructured into two options:

    1. Notification Subscriptions - This option is the Notifications of earlier releases. Subscribe to notifications to find out what Lumeta is discovering about your network (device notifications) and monitor activity taking place on the Lumeta system (system notifications). 

    2. Real-Time Notifications -  This new feature enables you to send a subset of your subscribed notifications to yourself or to a colleague via email. With Real-Time Notifications, you subscribe to events-of-interest and specify who should be notified of them. When an event to which you've subscribed occurs, an alert message is immediately sent via email to the subscribed recipients. See Real-Time Notifications for more.

      Lumeta 3.3.0Lumeta 3.3.1

  2. Renamed & Restructured Dashboards
    Several dashboards have been renamed and restructured for this 3.3.1 release. Open the Map of 3.3.0 to 3.3.1 for a map of the changes. If your default landing page was set to display a dashboard that no longer exists, the Dashboard Manager will open instead. Watch this 7-second video clip to learn how to configure a new landing page from there.

  3. Add to List
    This enhancement to dashboard widgets reporting IPs that are not managed by Lumeta enables you to push an IP from the widget to your Target List or your Eligible List. See Adding IPs from Widget to List for the procedure.
    These dashboards report IPs not managed by Lumeta:
    1. Carbon Black Management
    2. Infoblox Management
    3. McAfee Management
    4. Qualys Management
    5. RedSeal Management
    6. Tenable SecurityCenter Managment
  4. New Event Type & Event Name
     Located in Settings > Notification Subscriptions, PORT_ACTIVITY is a new event type that replaces and improves on the OPENPORT_DISCOVERED event.  See Subscribing to Notifications for more. 

  5. AES 256 Support
    Support for AES 256 for SNMP v3 credentials privacy has been implemented. 252

Fixed Issues

The following issues have been resolved:

When configuring the email server (Settings> Email Server Configuration) and scheduling reports, you can now enter multiple email addresses in the "Recipients' Email Addresses" field and have the system handle them as expected. 4276

Dashboards widgets that automatically refresh at the interval you specify can now be created. The Auto-Refresh option has been fixed and works as intended.6168

User-created custom notifications are now preserved during upgrades.6559

Password requirements can now be enforced. See Password Controls in Spectre 3.3.2+ for a list of the rules that can be enforced and the CLI command to enable.7050
Updated table handling so that columns "autofit," column data is left justified, and the height of widgets increases as needed by default to accommodate content.7956
Added a Strict-Transport-Security header so that browsers accept only HTTPS communications and not HTTP communications.7961
Lumeta can now gather Layer 3 interface addresses and Layer 2 host (MAC) addresses via SNMP on Cisco NX-OS devices.7971, 7976

Added queries to enable customers to assess the impact of adding new profile patterns.8044

The export of device profile patterns has been corrected such that users can choose to export either all user-defined patterns or all standard patterns (rather than user-defined patterns or ALL patterns.) 8047
  1. To export all user-defined patterns, enter this command to any box on which you have Curl programming language installed, replacing the IP address in the command with the system name or IP address of your box:
    curl -k -u "admin:admin" https://<host name>/api/rest/config/profile/patterns?filter.pattern.userDefined=true

  2. To export all standard patterns, run this command, replacing the IP address in the command with the system name or IP address of your box: 
    curl -k -u "admin:admin"
An issue that had caused Lumeta to occasionally and incorrectly "avoid" packets has been resolved.8058

Spaces before or after an IP address entered to Search > Devices will no longer make it seem as though the searched-for IP doesn't exist. The system now removes leading and trailing spaces around a Search term.8062

The sort order of the Performance Metrics dashboard > Incoming Message Queue Depth widget has been reversed so that the newest data is now correctly positioned at the top of the report.8074

Lumeta discovery and webapp subsystems have been made to honor log rotation rules.8088

Email reports now include all records. The length of reports sent via email is no longer capped at 1000 records.8097

Lumeta's capability to gather printer serial numbers has been broadened in this release.8104

Technical Notes

Order of Operations

When upgrading a Command Center and Scouts, the proper order of operations is to upgrade the Command Center first, and then the Scouts.

Re-licensing a Command Center while it is connected to a portal will disconnect the two systems for up to 8 minutes. To re-establish the connection sooner, first delete the Command Center from the portal, and then re-license the Command Center. Finally reconnect the two systems.

Printer Tip
In the event you print a cropped image or table from Reports, try reducing the scale of your print job for better results. Reducing from 100% to 75% has resolved the problem in our testing environment.

Database Schema 3.3.1

View the PostgreSQL 9.6.6 database schema and properties for Lumeta 3.3.1.

Change Log

For a listing of all changes made in preparation for the Lumeta 3.3.1 release, go to the Change Log 3.3.1 page.

Security Updates

Lumeta 3.3.1 resolves Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVEs) and incorporates a variety of security-related (and non-security-related) enhancements. CVEs Fixed in Lumeta 3.3.1

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