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FireMon is pleased to announce the general availability Lumeta 3.3.3––the successor to Lumeta Spectre software. This release will provide a variety of new and enhanced features, chief among which is the capability to deliver hybrid visibility across on- and off-premises networks, including those comprising physical, virtual, and cloud-based assets.

To upgrade, apply the Lumeta 3.3.3 package, below, to upgrade your current installed version of Spectre software. Then upgrade your Scouts. Please be aware that Command Centers (CC) upgraded to Lumeta 3.3.3 are only compatible with Scouts that have also been upgraded to Lumeta 3.3.3. 

To share the benefits of Lumeta 3.3.3 with interested colleagues, please refer them to, where they can request a limited, free trial version of the software called Lumeta CloudVisibility Community Edition.

Upgrading to 3.3.3. from . . .

GUICLIUpgrade Package
CC 3.3.2.x(tick)(tick)

Lumeta 3.3.3 Upgrade Package

The Lumeta 3.3.3 download package upgrades the Lumeta Enterprise Command Center, the Lumeta Enterprise Scout, and the Lumeta Enterprise Portal.

Its sha256sum validation number is: d397434917311ed0fe6f85fc0b357bb7a85cf46d1b6b29e65d7bb8a26393821d  spectre_update-

Lumeta Cloud Scout v13841.339

The Lumeta Cloud Scout is a new type of Scout that works only in the cloud. Log in to your AWS EC2 Console for the AMI.  See the QuickStart Deployment from AMI Guide for installation instructions.

Scout 3.3.2.x(error)(tick)

Remote 3.3.2.x

(Upgrading Scouts remote from the CC either via Lumeta systems or CLI: lumeta upgrade-scout)

Portal 3.3.2.x(error)(tick)

New in Lumeta 3.3.3

  1. Advanced capability to discover an Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud network when your Command Center is connected to a Cloud Scout.  

  2. Documentation on deploying and configuring Lumeta CloudVisibility Community Edition Command Centers and Cloud Scouts

    1. QuickStart Deployment of Command Center from OVA

    2. QuickStart Deployment of Command Center & Cloud Scout from AMI

    3. QuickStart Configuration of Command Center and Cloud Scout

  3. New CloudVisibility dashboards and dashboard widgets. 

  4. Upgraded map-rendering software and refactored maps code.

  5. Upgraded Lumeta device-pattern profiles
    1. These are the new patterns: patterns_3_3_3.xml

  6. Upgraded user interface for Lumeta systems, Device Search/Device Details, Device Profile Patterns, Users and Organizations.

    1. Lumeta Systems

    2. Device Info

    3. Device Profile Patterns

  7. Security Manager plus Risk Analyzer Integration Enhancements
    1. Security Manager CVS Score is pulled

    2. Risk Analyzer Risk Score is pulled

    3. “Riskiest Assets”are prioritized

  8. Qualys Integration Enhancement Data pushed from Lumeta to Qualys can now be grouped by zone into zone asset groups. The user controls which zones are pushed to Qualys.

  9. Active Directory with Authentication Support and AD Groups

Fixed Issues

The following issues reported by customers have been fixed: 

Case IDFixed Issue


Device Details/Notification Subscription grids unable to minimize/maximize column widths. Column widths can now be minimized, maximized, and adjusted by the user.

Right click on Map/Stealth Router/Device Details briefly listed all IPs then a blank screen - has been fixed

Known Issues

Misaligned Table Headers

Drill down from any CloudVisibility dashboard (e.g., CloudVisibility or Risk Assessment) using a cloud instance id or cloud ip to device details. 

  1. Click on the Cloud > Security and observe that the table headers do not align with the table data starting at the Rule Num column.  All columns after the rule num column are shifted to the left.

  2. Click on Cloud > Inspector and observe that the table headers do not align with the table data starting with the Public IP Address column.  All columns after the Public IP Address column are shifted to the left.

  3. Click on Cloud > Inventory and observe that the table headers do not align with the table data starting with the Public IP Address column.  All columns after the Public IP Address column are shifted to the left.

Data Not Found/Not Displayed

Drill down from any CloudVisibility dashboard (e.g., Cloud Visibility or Risk Assessment) using the cloud ip to device details.

  1. Click on Cloud > Interface and observe that the tab never loads. The spinner continues.

  2. Click on Cloud > Inspector or Inventory or Security or Interface and observe the message Cloud …. Data not found.  This happens only for some IP addresses.

DHCP Bug on Multi-Interface System

When multiple interfaces are initialized via DHCP and DHCP hasn't completed assigning routers for a given interface, only one IP can be pinged and connected via the Lumeta GUI. A fix for this bug has been prepared and is expected to be made available in release After the fix is delivered, users will be able to ping both IPs and connect via GUI/ssh to both IPs.

Technical Notes

  1. If FireMon, pxGrid, or DXL integrations are enabled on your current system, please visit the integration page and re-enable them after upgrading to Lumeta 3.3.3. See Integrations for information on connecting specific Lumeta integrations.
  2. When you import customer profile patterns and choose to overwrite the existing patterns, not all custom patterns are overwritten. Only those of the same type (CIFS, HTTPS, SNMP) will be overwritten. See Adding & Managing Device Profile Patterns for context.

Security Updates

Lumeta Spectre 3.3.3 resolves Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVEs) and incorporates a variety of security-related (and non-security-related) enhancements. See CVEs Fixed in Lumeta 3.3.3 for a list of resolved CVEs.  

Change Log

The changes made in preparation for this Lumeta Spectre 3.3.3 release are in the Lumeta 3.3.3 Change Log.


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