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FireMon is pleased to announce the general availability Lumeta––a patch release that resolves the following Command Center issues:

Misaligned Table Headers (Fixed)
When you navigate from any CloudVisibility dashboard (e.g., CloudVisibility or Risk Assessment) using a Cloud Instance ID or Cloud IP to navigate to Device Details, table headers now align correctly with table data in
Cloud > Security, Cloud > Inspector, and Cloud > Inventory.

Data Not Found/Not Displayed Issue (Fixed)
When you navigate from any CloudVisibility dashboard (e.g., CloudVisibility or Risk Assessment) using a Cloud Instance ID or Cloud IP to navigate to Device Details, all tabs now load properly and do not display error messages.

Users must upgrade to Lumeta from Lumeta 3.3.3. Please refer to the Release Notes to Lumeta 3.3.3 page for QuickStart Guides, downloads, and procedures for Lumeta 3.3.3.

Upgrading to from . . .

GUICLIUpgrade Package
CC 3.3.3(tick)(tick)

Lumeta Upgrade Package

SHA256 checksum: e20c71f241bdc46bdce0fbbf3419d985320b0e4d696022b51f899d697ba49455

The Lumeta (13910-20190526.tgz) download package upgrades the Lumeta Enterprise Command Center. See Upgrading to Lumeta for the upgrade procedure.

The following installation rpm bundles were updated or renamed for this release. Filenames with an asterisk are those that were renamed only.

Prior Package

Current Package















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