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FireMon is preparing to release Lumeta Enterprise Edition for limited availability. This release will make it easier for customers to compare IP address management (IPAM) results from two integrated tools: Infoblox and BlueCat. The integration of BlueCat Address Manager is the centerpiece of this release.

To learn how to configure the BlueCat integration in Lumeta, see BlueCat Configuration.

For information on BlueCat results, see BlueCat Management

Lumeta Enterprise Edition
Upgrade PathUser Center DownloadUpgrade MethodUpgrade Procedure

FROM release

TO release . . .

About the Package & Validation CodeGUI


See Upgrading to Lumeta Enterprise Edition for the procedure.

Lumeta Enterprise Command Center 3.3.4

Lumeta Enterprise Command Center

Available now in the FireMon User Center > Downloads page

The package upgrades the Lumeta
Enterprise Command Center, Enterprise Scout, and Portal. FireMon recommends upgrading all of these to version

This package is compatible with Lumeta Cloud Scout


Lumeta Enterprise Scout 3.3.4

Lumeta Enterprise Scout

Lumeta Enterprise Portal 3.3.4

Lumeta Enterprise Portal

Lumeta Cloud Scout
Full Deployment Only (no upgrade path)SourceDeployment MethodDeployment Procedure



Request Download



Lumeta Cloud Cloud Scout

QuickStart Deployment for Hybrid Visibility

Backward Compatibility

Older Enterprise Scouts are not compatible with 3.3.4 Command Centers and must be upgraded to the 3.3.4 version. Regarding Cloud Scouts, no changes have been made to the Cloud Scout since Lumeta Enterprise Edition 3.3.2 was released. If your installed Lumeta Cloud Scout is release 1.0.1, no action is necessary. 

Lumeta Enterprise Edition Compatibility

Enterprise ScoutCloud ScoutPortal


Command Center



Replace older (v13841.339) with for

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