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FireMon is pleased to provide this preview of the enhancements slated for Lumeta Enterprise Edition, an interim security upgrade for Lumeta customers. 

Lumeta Enterprise Edition 4.2

The upgrade file is available now in FireMon User Center > Downloads.
You can upgrade to Lumeta Command Center from 4.2 versions of the same.

For the upgrade procedure, see Upgrading Lumeta Enterprise Edition

We recommend that you upgrade your Lumeta Enterprise Scouts when you upgrade your Command Center. However, Lumeta 4.2.01 systems are backward-compatible with 4.2 installations. Enterprise Scouts 4.2 are compatible with the 4.2.01 version of the Command Center. 

Lumeta 4.2.01 is compatible with Lumeta Cloud Scout 1.1 (release No changes have been made to Lumeta CloudVisibility. 


  1. Lumeta Warehouse has been updated to enhance its handling of  numeric data types in XJSON imports.
  2. The Warehouse code has been adjusted to prevent a "race condition" where both the user and the system attempt to populate a table at the same time. 
  3. Improved performance and timeliness of periodic statement service in Lumeta Warehouse. 


  1. Memory use has been optimized for HTTPD during normal operations. 
  2. Memory parameters and allocation has been tuned for 32GB Command Centers.
  3. SSH ciphers on upgraded systems have been strengthened. 

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