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If you know you have a low-bandwidth link on your network and want to avoid taxing it, take advantage of Lumeta's packet rate control. This feature enables you to throttle a packet rate for an interface to the value you specify.

The recommended packet rate is between 500 and 5000. The default packet rate is 1000.

The packet-rate pertains to the interface level (per interface, per system), which is to say the rate is per interface, not per collector.

To change an interface's packet rate, use the Lumeta command-line interface (CLI) command system interface packetrate <n> where <n> is some integer for the packet rate.

When the packet rate changes, the notifications at your Lumeta GUI (Settings > Notifications > System tab) will be COLLECTOR_UPDATED event with the descriptor "Interface Packet Rate Changed." To see the current packet rate in the CLI, use the system interface list <iface> command where <iface> is the name of the interface.

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