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The Report Scheduler enables you to set the schedule at which reports auto-run and, optionally designate an individual to whom the emails should be sent as an email attachment. This functionality is used to set up delivery of reports on a regular, automated basis to an individual within an organization. Create one report schedule for each report recipient. The Report Scheduler can also be used as an easy way to integrate a point-in-time report to your workflow for issue remediation. Typically, this email opens a trouble ticket that includes the report file attached in an email message.

If you would like to create a report schedule for a custom report or user-defined report (i.e., one you've created that is not in the standard set of reports Lumeta provides) make your report name match your query name, otherwise the report sent via email may return an error message like this one:

"errorMessages":[{"path":"error" message:"ERR_QC_SAVED_QUERY_NOT_FOUND: Unknown saved query name null.fa1 encountered at  (1:30)"}]}

In order to schedule a report for email delivery, you'll need to first configure your email server.  See Configuring the Email Server for the procedure.

To add a report schedule:

  1. Browse to Reports > Schedule.
    The existing report schedules display.
  2. Click the Add icon (i.e., the green plus) to add a new report schedule.
  3. Complete the form and click Save Schedule.
    1. Reports can be cut on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis.
    2. By default, the schedule activates as soon as you save it. 
      To define a schedule but not run it, clear the Active checkbox.

Finally, notice that you can edit or delete an existing report using the blue Pencil (edit) and red Trash (delete) icons. 






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