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Lumeta is a network discovery and visibility solution that continuously monitors your hybrid cloud environment and assesses its behavior. Its virtualized machines and software track critical network characteristics in real time and generate alerts when non-compliant events or anomalies are detected that could indicate the presence of a threat.

Lumeta provides data about your network and its operations at a fine level of granularity. It synthesizes this observed data, performs analyses to surface vulnerabilities, and then alerts those with the power to remediate so they can take action.

The benefits of Lumeta are cumulative. It enables your hybrid cloud enterprise to achieve network situational awareness and continuously move toward narrowing the security gap to non-existent.

Lumeta is optimally effective in environments where a baseline of normal network behavior has been established over a period of time. The baseline describes the network's steady state––that range of behavior indicating health and normalcy on your network. Once certain parameters have been defined as normal, Lumeta flags any departure from one or more of them as anomalous––in real time.

Lumeta amplifies the value of asset-, vulnerability-, incident-, and policy-management applications by supplying them with better foundational data. You get superior results and superior security intelligence: The broadest reach and most comprehensive network coverage in the industry, authoritative leak detection, enterprise-grade user management, and a visual way to grasp the significance of unusual events, trends, security gaps, threats, and misconfigurations.

Use it alongside your conventional firewalls and applications as an integral part of your network security stack.

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