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Lumeta Scouts are deployed by users in the same manner as Command Centers. The license keys, which Lumeta creates using your component's UUID, determine whether a Scout or a Command Center will be unpacked.  

See Deployment for the complete installation procedure.

The OVF intended for use in deploying Scouts allocates fewer system resources because Scouts are small. The one intended for use in deploying Command Centers is relatively large.  It is configured to allocate more resources to meet the Command Center's greater CPU, memory, and disk requirements.

You may install an unlimited number of virtual Scouts and you may connect however many Scouts you need to your Command Center. You will need to input a unique license key from Lumeta, however, for each Scout you install. This is because each Scout needs a unique UUID.

Each Command Center deploys with its own onboard Scout that cannot be disabled or deleted. This onboard Scout is referred to as "local" on the Lumeta GUI and in this documentation.

Once deployed, Scouts are smaller, have a minimal GUI, and require fewer system resources.  When you browse to a Scout's IP address, you'll see device identifiers, like this:

Upgrading a Scout

The upgrade package for Scouts is the very same one you'll use to update your Command Center. Each release comes with one upgrade file that can be used for both.

To upgrade a Scout:

  1. Check the Release Notes to your intended upgrade so you'll be apprised of special information concerning the Scout along with a summary of new features, enhancements, fixes, and security updates. 

  2. Log in to your FireMon User Center account to access the upgrade. If you need credentials, contact

  3. Navigate to the Downloads page.

  4. In the Lumeta panel, click the upgrade package you need and download it to your local system.

  5. Log in to a Lumeta Command Center.

  6. Browse to Settings > Lumeta Systems.

  7. Download the Lumeta upgrade file you need to your local system.

  8. Browse to a Scout by its IP address or DNS name. 
    Device identifiers and a Upgrade Lumeta button display. This is the Scout's sole GUI.

  9. Note the Scout's version number.

  10. Click Upgrade Lumeta.

  11. Browse to the upgrade tgz file you downloaded to your local system.

  12. Select it and click Submit.
    The upgrade process takes place.

  13.  Browse to your Scout again.

  14. Validate that the installation completed successfully by checking the Scout's new version number.

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