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After an upgrade, make sure the system identifies as the version you just installed.

Here's how:

  1. Log in via the Lumeta browser interface vi the UI; https://(ip-address or DNS name)

  2. To confirm the system is running the latest version, click Settings Lumeta Systems and check the System Information panel.

  3. Check the Lumeta Version field to ensure that you're running the intended version.

  4. Check your system to ensure that your configuration settings are intact. Include users, roles, organizations,  zones, collectors and the system connection in your check. Also validate the availability of custom dashboards, custom reports, and widgets.

    In the unlikely event any configuration data was lost, restore it from your backups.

    Asset to Restore, if necessary

    Backup Location

    Custom attributesSettings > Zones > Custom Attributes > Upload
    Device profile patternsSettings > Device Profile Patterns > Import
    NotificationsReports > Browse Real-time > Import

     Custom Dashboards & Reports User Profile > Settings > Import
    • Lumeta System Connections
    • Organizations
    • Zones
    • Collectors
    • Custom Attributes by Zone
    • Users
    • Notification Subscriptions
    Settings > Support Tools > Import/Export System Configuration > Import

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