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  • To create Qualys asset group groups can now be created per zone such that the data push from Spectre Lumeta to Qualys would be grouped by zone rather than arriving in one single group, which is the default behavior. 
  • User will be able to can select specific zones that need to be pushed push to QualysBy default, integration will only create one group and push all the devices to that group


  • Network ID from Qualys would be used isused to map zones
  • If user does not configure a network ID in Qualys and uses option to use network mapping, no assets will be pushed to Qualys
  • Asset group will be named by zone. If zone name is ZoneX, asset group SpectreLumeta_ZoneX will be created in Qualys
  • Each time a zone is added, user will need to must go to Qualys integration page and add mapping for that zone
  • Zone can only be mapped to one network ID - Got confirmation from BNY on 2/28
  • There will not be any changes to auto subscribe functionality
  • User will first need to ID 
  • User must set credentials and server information for this integration before selecting option 'Asset mapping by zone'. This will enable Spectre Lumeta to retrieve list of network IDs. Below message will be displayed requesting user to enter credentials 
  • Each time integration page is loaded and Asset mapping by zone is enabled, list of network IDs will be retrieved from Qualys
  • If a zone name gets updated after mapping, this zone would appear in list of zones with empty network ID. User will need to add mapping or else, this zone will not be pushed to Qualys. Asset group that was created prior (with old zone name) will still stay in Qualys