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  1. Browse to DNS → Zones.
  2. Click a record such as "lum-forward"

  3. You can see the record types in the Type column and add a new record here of the types A, AAAA, PTR, Host.


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Extensible Attributes

To view extensible attributes from the GUI:

  1. Navigate to Administration → Extensible Attributes
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  2. You can add or import extensible attributes from here. 

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To view extensible attributes from the CLI:

  • curl -s -k -u admin:infoblox -X GET ",type,list_values" | grep "name"
            "name": "Building",
            "name": "Country",
            "name": "Region",
            "name": "Site",
            "name": "State",
            "name": "VLAN",
            "name": "IB Discovery Owned",
            "name": "Parental-Control-Policy",
            "name": "Subscriber-Secure-Policy",
            "name": "Proxy-All",
            "name": "Black-List",
            "name": "White-List",
            "name": "PC-Category-Policy",
            "name": "User-Name",
            "name": "ReportingSite",