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The Lumeta Spectre Portal LumetaPortal provides the highest-level overview of multiple Spectre Lumeta Command Centers (CC) and makes it easier for you to understand where Command Centers sit geographically.

From the world map displayed on the Portal Home page, you can open an attached Command Center and use its dashboards, maps, reports, and configuration features in accordance with your user role and the permissions you have been granted.

You can also display or hide a panel of notifications about your connected Command Centers with a click. These notifications can be filtered to display only those that match the criteria you set.  See Portal Notifications for more.

The Portal stays continuously in sync with the Command Centers and communication between the two occurs securely over TCP port 443 using HTTPS with SSL encryption. Portal shares the same code base, operating system, support libraries, and versioning as Lumeta Spectre Command LumetaCommand Centers and Lumeta Spectre Scouts LumetaScouts and are designed to be used together.

Portal Capabilities

The Spectre Lumeta Portal enables you to perform the following:

  1. Geolocate multiple Command Centers on a world map
  2. Manage multiple Command Centers concurrently over multiple browser tabs
  3. Transition directly from the Portal map to a Command Center's zone map.
  4. Receive and respond to notifications of priority events that have occurred in the networks associated with your Spectre Lumeta system
  5. Use a Portal-attached Command Center's reports, maps, and dashboards
  6. Log into a Command Center from the Portal with full credentials-based access or read-only access.

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