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Follow these steps to create the base VM image on your Azure portal.

Create App Registration

Instructions on how to create the service principal portal can be found here

You can skip option 1 to Upload a Certificate and move to option 2.

Create & Provision a Virtual Machine

  1. Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. Select Virtual machines.
  3. Select + Add to open Create a virtual machine.
  4. Select the image from the dropdown list or select Browse all public and private images to search.
  5. Select Marketplace in the search bar, type "Lumeta" and click Enter.
  6. Select "Lumeta Community Edition Command Center v4.0.0.0" or the latest available version.
  7. Select the size of the VM to deploy.

  8. For Authentication if you choose password.
    1. For Cloud Visibility Enter a password containing 1 and 64
    2. Use at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number, and one special character.
  9. Provide the other required details to create the VM.
  10. Select Review + create to review your choices.
  11. When the Validation passed message appears, select Create.

Azure begins provisioning the virtual machine you specified. Track its progress by selecting the Virtual Machines tab in the left menu. After it's created the status of Virtual Machine changes to Running.

Initialize the System

  1. In Azure portal, browse to the Overview blade of your newly created VM, and note the public IP address. You can use putty to ssh into the VM or you can use the “Serial Console” at the bottom of the page.
  2. Putty into the system with the public IP.
    1. At the login prompt, enter the default UID admin
    2. At the password prompt, enter the default password (732)357-3500
    3. Enter a new host name for your system. Whatever name you want to give it.
    4. Accept the default values by pressing Enter in response to these prompts:
      1. How would you like to configure the network? (dhcp|manual)[dhcp]
      2. How would you like to configure DNS? (dhcp|manual)[dhcp]
      3. How would you like to configure NTP? (dhcp|manual)[dhc]
  3. Enter a new admin password.
  4. Confirm the password and press Enter. Your initial system configuration is complete.


To log into your new Lumeta system: