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  1. Bundle the Command Center Private Key and the newly formatted Command Center Public Key into a p12 file.
    1. Login to the Lumeta System and type support bash.
    2. cd to the directory of the private key, server certificate, and Intermediate certificate(if applicable).
    3. Type the below command updating with the appropriate file names.  Leave out single quotes and for friendly name supply your unique word.
      openssl pkcs12 -export -in 'server-certificate' -inkey 'private-key' -certfile 'intermediate-certificate' -out 'lumeta-server-certificate.p12' -name 'friendly-name'
    4. Remember the friendly name you defined.  You will need this later.  
    5. User will be prompted to enter the pass phrase for the private.key. Also the user will need to provide twice the Export Password. 
    6. A new certificate in p12 format has now been created.  This is your new server certificate.