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In the context of Lumeta and for the purpose of linking users to zones, an Organization is a set of Zones with a common set of permissions.  There There can be many organizations and these are associated with one another in a single layer without hierarchy. Organizations do not nest within other organizations.  


A user is a login and password combination that identifies individuals entitled to use Lumeta. Lumeta=> Username can be a combination of alphanumeric characters but cannot start with number. 

Valid usernames: 

  • Use this set of characters: A-Za-z0-9_.-
  • Are one or more characters (but not a single dot, digit or hyphen)
  • Do not start with a hyphen
  • If the id starts with a dot, then there has to be at least one non-dot character afterwards
  • If the id starts with a number, then there must be one non-numeric character afterwards