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A license can be installed and activated via Lumeta's command-line interface (CLI) or via Lumeta's browser interface. Most installations require the Unique Universal Identifier (UUID), which can be retrieved via the CLI or browser. Refer to  System Administration via CLI for these and all other CLI procedures.

To install a license via your web browser, do the following:

  1. Log in to https://<your Lumeta IP or SystemName> using the default credentials.

  2. In response to the prompt to upload your license, browse to your license file, select it, and then click Submit.
    The license is processed and the Lumeta login screen displays. Congratulations! You are ready to begin.

Procuring a New License

Once a Lumeta system has been deployed and initialized in your workplace, begin the license-activation process. This process involves providing your system identifier to Lumeta Support, importing the license key they return to you, and activating your license via the Lumeta CLI or Lumeta browser interface.

Here's the procedure in detail:

  1. Browse Settings > Lumeta Systems > System to display the Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) of your Lumeta system.

  2. Copy-paste this UUID to an email message and send it to one of our support teams:
    1. If you have instantiated Lumeta via Amazon Web Marketplace (AWM), contact to begin the license fulfillment process.
    2. Otherwise, send your UUID to In response, Lumeta Support will send you a message containing your license key file (or place the file in your account folder)app.
  3. Put the license file you receive from Lumeta in a location that can be accessed via SSH.

License Activation

The certificate Lumeta command in the Lumeta CLI enables you to install a license or find out the activation date of your current license. You can also install a license via a browser interface.

Installation procedure via the CLI

Ensure that your Lumeta license file has been saved to a computer running an SSH daemon before beginning this procedure. 

  1.  Log in Lumeta CLI.
  2. Type certificate Lumeta install<loginname@IPaddress:/directory/license_filename> at the command prompt and press Enter (e.g, certificate Lumeta install junebug@

  3. The license installs and you are returned to the command prompt.

    The CLI session is no longer valid.  If you would like to continue working in the CLI, log in again.

Congratulations!  You are now a licensed user of Lumeta!

titleKey Licensing Terminology

License IP Count Exceeded - If the total number of distinct IP addresses for all zones is greater than the number in your license agreement, then the Licensed IP Count is Exceeded. The IP count includes both active and inactive devices.

Devices that have aged out of the database because they have been inactive for a week or more are not included in the License IP Count.

If an IP address appears in multiple zones, it is counted as one IP address, even if it is associated with different devices.

A device may have more than one IP associated with it. We say that these IPs have been "consolidated" to a reference IP which is the IP used to, in most cases, refer to the device with which the IPs are associated. 

Active IPs
IPs associated with a responsive device.  These may include interface IPs even if the IP wasn't responsive. Every IP associated with a device is considered active when any of those addresses are responsive.

Total IPs
All distinct IPs. This includes the IP addresses found in a device's interface table.