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  1. Browse to Settings > Zones.
  2. In the Available Zones list, select the zone to which you want to add/enable a collector.
  3. Click Zone Collectors  > Add.
  4. Complete the modal and click Create.
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    1. If you would like the collector to start doing its job as soon as you create it, select the Enable Collector checkbox.

    2. To create a collector and have it ready to run at another time, clear the Enable Collector checkbox. If you are following the QuickStart Guide, leave the Enable Collector box unchecked.

    3. The rescan interval specifies how often the collector is to perform its routine, in minutes. 

    4. The interface identifies the Lumeta component–Command Center or Scout-- to which you want to associate the collector and is managed in the Lumeta application in Settings > Lumeta Systems.

  5. Your new collector is added to the list of collectors.


  1. Browse to the Settings > Zones page.
  2. Select the zone and collector you want to revise, and then click Edit
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  3. Revise the settings as needed and then click Update.
  4. Your revised collector displays in the list.