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Lumeta Cloud Scout
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Lumeta Component


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Lumeta Cloud Cloud Scout

QuickStart Deployment for Hybrid Visibility

Backward Compatibility

Older Enterprise Scouts are not compatible with 3.3.4 Command Centers and must be upgraded to the 3.3.4 version. Regarding Cloud Scouts, no changes have been made to the Cloud Scout since Lumeta Enterprise Edition 3.3.2 was released. If your installed Lumeta Cloud Scout is release 1.0.1, no action is necessary. 

Lumeta Enterprise Edition Compatibility

Enterprise ScoutCloud ScoutPortal


Command Center 3.3.4(error)(error)


Upgrade to Enterprise Scout 3.3.4 is requiredReplace older (v13841.339) with for 3.3.4

New Features

WMI Discovery & Profiling

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provides information about the status of local and remote Windows computer systems. WMI augments Lumeta discovery, profiling, and reporting with values retrieved from WMI-enabled devices.


See WMI Discovery & Profiling for more. 

BGP Discovery and IPv6

A BGP peer can now be added to BGP Discovery as an IPv6 address. Input is no longer IPv4-only. 


See Configuring BGP Monitoring for more.

IPv6 Enhancements

Other IPv6 enhancements:

  1. In Settings > System Interfaces, the Command Center is now shown in IPv6 (and also newly display the packet rate):

  2. A text file of IPv6 custom attributes (IPv4 and/or IPv6)  can now be uploaded to Settings > Zones > Custom Attributes. See About Custom Device Attributes for more. 

Security Manager Integration

Now you can share information between FireMon Lumeta and FireMon Security Manager (SM) via the integration and push Lumeta-discovered devices to Security Manager (i.e., non-managed devices to Security Manager). Security Manager refers to these devices as "synthetic routers," and includes the data as part of the device's definition. 


Widget Connector

See FireMon Management Dashboard for more. 

Meraki Integration

More device profile data can now be exchanged between Cisco Meraki Management Station and Lumeta Enterprise 3.3.4x. 


See Meraki Integration for more.

Enhanced Custom Attributes

Lumeta now supports an individual device having multiple attribute values for the same attribute name.


See About Custom Attributes for more. 

STIG Compliance

With this release, Lumeta Enterprise Edition has been made to satisfy recent STIG findings. Users with a need to know may request additional information on these by contacting us at 


New pages include the following:

  1. About Custom Device Attributes
  2. Configuring BGP Monitoring
  3. FireMon Management Dashboard
  4. Meraki Integration
  5. WMI Discovery & Profiling
  6. Search & Device Details
  7. Searching for Device DetailsDevices
  8. Device Details
  9. Search Syntax
  10. Cloud Device Details


This release includes the following enhancements:

Case IDDescription
LUM-729New CLI and API commands are available to view the information in certificates. See Certificate APIs and Certificate CLI Commands for more.

Added IP, MAC and Router ID columns to "All Certificates" query and report

LUM-969Rapid7 integration can now be configured through CLI. See System Administration via CLI for more

Fixed Issues

The following issues reported by customers have been fixed: 

Case IDDescription

The wildcard search in Device Details was returning a "500 Internal Server Error." This has been repaired. Now you can use the * symbol to substitute for one or more characters in a search and ? can be substituted for one character. You can also do a partial string search in this field.


Also in Zone configuration, a  "/128" now gets properly appended to IPv6 addresses uploaded in non-CIDR notation. This behavior corrects the older addition of "/32," which was a defect. 

Technical Notes

Case IDDescription

When adding SNMP, Cloud, or WMI credentials, credentials of the same type must be unique. Attempts to add credentials with an existing alias of the same type are usually (but not always) rejected. Currently, aliases are validated across SNMP, Cloud, and WMI discovery types. As a result, if you add the SNMP alias "test2" you will not be able to add "test2" as a Cloud or WMI alias. An enhancement is planned for development.


Attempting to create an attribute that already exists as a different kind may yield unexpected behavior:

  • Adding a Zone-level attribute with the same name as an existing System attribute appears to succeed but the new attribute does not show up on the Zones | Custom Attributes screen (which is filtered to show userDefined attributes only)
  • Adding a Zone-level attribute with the same name as an existing Device-tagged attribute results in hybrid behavior (you can seemingly edit the Zone-level attribute on the Device Details page).

An enhancement for these is planned for development.

Security Updates & STIG 

Lumeta 3.3.4 resolves Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVEs) and incorporates a variety of security-related (and non-security-related) enhancements. A list of CVEs resolved in this 3.3.4 release is available.

Database Schema

This database schema shows a visual representation of the Lumeta database. It lets you click through the hierarchy of database tables via child and parent table relationships as represented by both HTML links and entity-relationship diagrams.

WADL Viewer

The SWADLed WADL is our swagger-styled WADL documentation viewer. The Lumeta 3.3.4 SWADLed WADL comes from an auto-generated WADL that has been converted into human-readable documentation.

Change Log

Following are the changes made in preparation for this Lumeta Enterprise Edition 3.3.4 release as of 11/20/2019.


LUM-5 - SNMPv3 credentials not giving the expected results


LUM-1263 - X15 : Ingestion has stopped even when the filemonitor process is running.


LUM-405 - Attribute NACK

LUM-406 - Utilize WMI to provide data on Windows Defender, HBSS and Tanium agents


LUM-1014 - Custom Attributes work in 3.3.4


LUM-9 - CLONE - Update libssh2 and dbus for security