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It never hurts to back up your work! This page describes how to export the metadata (e.g., structure, column headings, visualization attributes) associated with user-created queries, dashboard widgets and reports. The exports go to Data Definition Language (DDL) formatted files. In the event of a system failure during an upgrade, your Solutions Architect can use this file to recover the dashboard widgets and reports you created. Lumeta recommends generating this file before upgrades, especially if you create or update dashboards or custom reports frequently. Store the backup DDL files in a safe place.

Exporting Metadata to DDL

  1. Browse to User Profile > Settings > Export.

  2. Select a database option from the list and click Export Metadata.
  3. Your custom dashboards and report configurations are exported to a DLL file.
    Retain this text file for use in the event of a system failure. 

Contact us if you need recovery assistance.
See Importing Dashboards, Reports & DDLs for the import procedure. 

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