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To prepare for live training with one of our solutions architects or professional services providers, FireMon recommends that you become familiar with the terminology, concepts, and functionality of Cyber Asset Manager, formerly Lumeta. To gain this proficiency, take our self-paced training course, Lumeta Training & Certification, located in the FireMon Learning Management System (LMS). This course is available at no cost to all FireMon customers.

Self-enrollment is available to FireMon internal users. The course is automatically made available to all new company employees. Once your new-hire data is processed, an account will automatically be generated for you in FireMon Absorb LMS. Please allow 24-36 hours. You will then receive a welcome email prompting you to reset your FireMon LMS password. Log in to Absorb, then search for "Lumeta" to pull up the  Lumeta Training on Demand course.

Customer & Partner Registration

To request FireMon Absorb login credentials, send an email message to containing you name, work email address, and company name. Let us know whether you are a FireMon customer or a FireMon partner. When you receive your UID and PW, log in to Absorb, and then search for "Lumeta" to pull up the  Lumeta Training and Certification course.

What's Included

The training is comprised of 6 modules of on-demand, self-paced training, followed by an optional exam that enables those who demonstrate sufficient product knowledge to become Lumeta certified.

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