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Standard procedures to add, delete, and upgrade Lumeta components (aka systems) follow.

  1. Log on to Lumeta.
  2. Navigate to Settings Lumeta Systems.
  3. Add, delete, or upgrade components, as needed:
    1. To add a Lumeta Command Center:
      1. Enter the system name or IP address.
      2. Click Add System.
    2. To delete a Lumeta Command Center:
      1. On the Settings > Lumeta Systems page, click Delete System.
    3. To upgrade all Scouts connected to your Command Center:
      1. Check the Release Notes to your intended upgrade so you'll be apprised of special information concerning the Scout along with a summary of new features, enhancements, fixes, and security updates. 

      2. Log in to your FireMon User Center account to access the upgrade. If you need credentials, contact

      3. Navigate to the Downloads page.

      4. In the Lumeta panel, click the upgrade package you need and download it to your local system.

      5. Log in to a Lumeta Command Center.

      6. Browse to Settings > Lumeta Systems.

      7. In the Available Systems column, select a Command Center.

      8. Click Upgrade Connected Scouts to upgrade all Scouts connected to it.
        1. Browse to and select the upgrade tgz file you downloaded to your local system.
        2. Select the Scouts to upgrade.

      9. Click Submit.
        The upgrade is in progress.

      10. Validate that the installation completed successfully by browsing to the IP address of your Scouts.
        The Scout's new version number should display as intended.
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