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Once enabled, Lumeta collectors cycle through network scans at the frequency you specify, so it's important to be aware of the impact of your rescan interval on the network. Your goal in setting a rescan interval that permits discovery to take place smoothly, without over-scanning or under-scanning.

Each Lumeta zone generally contains multiple unique collectors (i.e., unique in that they are not shared, copied, or otherwise transferred across zones) and each collector has its own rescan interval and target list.  

  • When configuring Path discovery or Host discovery to scan a large target list or large set of discovered routes, use a longer rescan interval to achieve a smooth rescan cycle.  
  • To check the status of already discovered IPs or SNMP-discovered IPs, another collector can be configured with a short rescan interval and no target list. Regardless of rescan interval, whenever a new device is discovered, it is immediately scanned. This behavior is not affected by the rescan interval setting.

Each discovery type has a default configuration associated it.  These become active when you enable the discovery type.

See Adding & Managing Zones or Managing Collectors for information on adding, editing, or deleting.



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