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The Cisco pxGrid dashboard, which populates when you configure the Cisco pxGrid integration, enables you to exchange context with Cisco products and validate endpoint, identity group, security group, and session data from a Cisco pxGrid server.   

To make use of this integration, your network must be running the Cisco pxGrid agent and you must have login credentials to the Cisco pxGrid server. Go to Cisco pxGrid for the procedure to connect and configure this integration. 

Once you enable the integration, notifications from Cisco pxGrid populate these tables, located in Settings > Tables.

  1. To see the tables, browse to Settings > Tables.
  2. Search on "cisco" to display the Cisco-related tables.
  3. Click Open to open the table and view session fields.

  4. Click Search > Devices > Device Details > Pxgrid IP Sessions tab to view the Cisco-sourced data.

Once the integration is configured, browse to Dashboards > Integrations > Cisco pxGrid to view the notifications data.


Refresh your browser to update all widgets on the dashboard. Or, set an interval at which to automatically refresh a selected widget on the dashboard ( > Gear icon > ).

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