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Introduction to Lumeta CloudVisibility Community Edition

Thank you for choosing Lumeta CloudVisibility Community Edition!

If you've come here from your Lumeta CloudVisibility system may already be deployed. If you're not quite set up, it's not too late. The QuickStart Deployment Guide, which explains how to get up and running is on your left in the Space Shortcuts section. 

The deployment configurations presented in the documentation will enable you to experience Enterprise + Cloud Discovery with a local on-premises Command Center (OVA) and a remote AWS Cloud Scout (AMI). The Cloud + Cloud configuration will provide hybrid cloud discovery when you set up a Command Center in one AWS cloud region and a Cloud Scout in another AWS Cloud region. Both deployment modules will give you cloud visibility and the capability to achieve what no other solution in the marketplace can offer: Visibility and analytics synthesized across (and unlimited by) complex and disparate hybrid cloud computing environments.

Once you experience network-plus-cloud visibility on one zone of your network, we hope you will join the community of adopters who have extended that capability to the entirety of their hybrid cloud networks with Lumeta Enterprise Edition. See Request More Information to take the next step.

Community Edition Resource Center

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