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Wondering if Lumeta runs on your company's platform? Check out the options and how much lead time––if any––we will need to manufacture the deployment package for your platform.   


Most Lumeta enterprise customers and partners run Lumeta software on a VMware platform.

File TypeAudienceInstallation TypeAccess

VMware OVA

Customers and partnersFull InstallationFull installation packages can be downloaded from your company's folder in an OVA format. To learn more, see Using FireMon Secure File Transfer (SFTP).
2Prospective customers, MSSPs, and POCsFree TrialProspective customers, prospective MSSP partners, and POC evaluators can request a free trial version of the Lumeta OVA for VMware at
3Customers and partnersUpgradeCustomers and partners can download Lumeta upgrades from the FireMon User Center. See the Release Notes for the information and procedures you'll need to upgrade from your current installation of Lumeta software.


Hyper-V builds of Lumeta are manufactured upon customer request and require three days lead time. Disk space will need to be expanded once the Hyper-V package is deployed in your environment. Contact us for the procedure. The image files can be downloaded from your company's folder in an Hyper-V format. See Using FireMon Secure File Transfer (SFTP) for more.

Lumeta Public Shared AMIs in AWS

FireMon shares Lumeta software AMIs publicly in these AWS-supported EC2 regions: (US East (N. Virginia), US West (N. California), Canada (Central), Europe (London), Asia Pacific (Tokyo). A Community Edition Command Center, (AMI for MSSPs, POCs) AWS/Azure Marketplace and three sizes of Cloud Scouts become available 5 days after a GA release.

Lumeta Private Shared AMIs in AWS

Lumeta can build to specific customer requests and share the image privately with the Customer’s AWS account. Please allow two days for manufacturing.

AWS Marketplace

Lumeta is available in the Amazon Marketplace. To access, search for Lumeta on your AWS Marketplace Home page.


Lumeta is also available in AWS ICMP.


Lumeta Command Center and Enterprise Scout can be deployed in Azure. Request a Hyper-V image and documentation for the procedure to make this image work in your Azure environment. 

Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Lumeta is available in the Azure Marketplace. To access, search for Lumeta on your Azure Marketplace Home page.

Linux KVM

Lumeta VMware OVAs can be converted to Linux qcow2 images and deployed on Red Hat KVM or other Linux Virtual Simulators.

VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion

Lumeta VMware OVAs are fully compatible with Microsoft VMware Workstation and Macintosh VMware Fusion.

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