Portal Deployment

  1. Get Ready
    Fulfill system and browser requirements.
  2. Download the Installation Package
    Log in to Lumeta's secure SFTP site for the installation bundle.
  3. Allocate System Resources
    Provision your hypervisor/virtual machine manager (VMM) with resources.
  4. Open the Portal OVA
    Unpack a virtual Spectre Portal.
  5.  Initialize Spectre Portal  
    Log in the command-line interface (CLI) and initialize your Spectre Portal system.
  6. Request License Key
    Download your license-key file.
  7. Activate Your License
    Import your license-key file.

Portal Support

Technical Support
Call +1-732-357-3511
Email1: support@lumeta.com
Email2: trial_support@lumeta.com 

Sales and Billing
Call +1-732-357-3500
Email: sales@lumeta.com

 Solutions Architects, Sales & Support

Lumeta Corporation
300 Atrium Drive, Suite 302
Somerset, NJ 08873 USA
Email: info@lumeta.com