FireMon is pleased to release Lumeta Enterprise Edition 3.3.4 for general availability. This software release provides new features and enhancements, including those highlighted on this page. This release is recommended for all Lumeta Enterprise Edition users.

Lumeta Enterprise Edition 3.3.4
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Lumeta Enterprise Command Center and

Lumeta Enterprise Command Center 3.3.4

Available now in the FireMon User Center > Downloads page

The package upgrades the Lumeta
Enterprise Command Center, Enterprise Scout, and Portal. FireMon recommends upgrading all of these to version 3.3.4

This package is compatible with Lumeta Cloud Scout


See Upgrading to Lumeta Enterprise Edition 3.3.4 for the procedure.

Lumeta Enterprise Scout and

Lumeta Enterprise Scout

Lumeta Enterprise Portal and

Lumeta Enterprise Portal

Lumeta Cloud Scout
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Lumeta Cloud Cloud Scout

QuickStart Deployment for Hybrid Visibility

Backward Compatibility

Older Enterprise Scouts are not compatible with 3.3.4 Command Centers and must be upgraded to the 3.3.4 version. Regarding Cloud Scouts, no changes have been made to the Cloud Scout since Lumeta Enterprise Edition 3.3.2 was released. If your installed Lumeta Cloud Scout is release 1.0.1, no action is necessary. 

Lumeta Enterprise Edition Compatibility

Enterprise ScoutCloud ScoutPortal


Command Center 3.3.4(error)(error)


Upgrade to Enterprise Scout 3.3.4 is requiredReplace older (v13841.339) with for 3.3.4

New Features

WMI Discovery & Profiling

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) provides information about the status of local and remote Windows computer systems. WMI augments Lumeta discovery, profiling, and reporting with values retrieved from WMI-enabled devices.

Here's what's on the new WMI dashboard:

WMI Summary Dashboard Widgets



WMI Responders by OS 

Summary chart 

Count of WMI Operating Systems across all zones  

WMI Responders 

Detail table 

Devices across all zones that responded to WMI Discovery 

Non-Responding WMI Device Summary 

Summary chart 

Count of device-types across all zones that were unresponsive to WMI Discovery 

Non-Responding WMI Devices 

Detail table 

Devices across all zones that were unresponsive to WMI Discovery 

WMI Devices without Security Services Summary 

Summary chart 

Count of WMI-responsive device-types across all zones that did not report any WMI services 

WMI Devices without Security Services 

Detail table 

WMI-responsive device-types across all zones that did not report any WMI services 

WMI Troubleshooting Dashboard Widgets



Windows Devices with WMI Port Closed Summary 

Summary chart 

Count of device-types across all zones that were profiled as Windows, yet did not have port 135 open 

Windows Devices with WMI Port Closed 

Detail table 

Devices across all zones that were profiled as Windows, yet did not have port 135 open 

WMI Devices with No WMI Services Summary 

Summary chart 

Count of device-types across all zones that were WMI-service responsive, yet did not report any WMI security services 

WMI Devices with No WMI Services 

Detail table 

Devices across all zones that that were WMI-service responsive, yet did not report any WMI security services 

Additionally in this Lumeta 3.3.4 releaseyou can now input the IP address of any WMI-responsive device in a selected zone (or click an IP in a WMI dashboard widget) to display a comprehensive list of all services running on a box (e.g., Windows Defender and Tanium).

Here's a sample view of the WMI services present on an endpoint device:

See WMI Discovery & Profiling for more. 

BGP Discovery and IPv6

A BGP peer can now be added to BGP Discovery as an IPv6 address. Input is no longer IPv4-only. 

Also, Lumeta now reports the withdrawal status of routes. A withdrawn CIDR is one that is no longer part of your network. A "true" in the Withdrawn column indicates a network change. You can find the status of paths advertised from an AS router (i.e., true=withdrawn, false=not withdrawn) displayed in the "interface_route" table in Settings > Tables.

See Configuring BGP Monitoring for more.

IPv6 Enhancements

Other IPv6 enhancements:

  1. In Settings > System Interfaces, the Command Center is now shown in IPv6 (and also newly display the packet rate):

  2. A text file of IPv6 custom attributes (IPv4 and/or IPv6)  can now be uploaded to Settings > Zones > Custom Attributes. See Device Attributes for more. 

Security Manager Integration

Now you can share information between FireMon Lumeta and FireMon Security Manager (SM) via the integration and push Lumeta-discovered devices to Security Manager (i.e., non-managed devices to Security Manager). Security Manager refers to these devices as "synthetic routers," and includes the data as part of the device's definition. 

Watch to learn more.

See FireMon Management Dashboard for more. 

Meraki Integration

More device profile data can now be exchanged between Cisco Meraki Management Station and Lumeta Enterprise 3.3.4x. 

The responses from Meraki are used to enhance the interface information displayed in Lumeta 3.3.4 Device Details, including:

See Meraki Integration for more.

Enhanced Custom Attributes

Lumeta now supports an individual device having multiple attribute values for the same attribute name.

  1. A single attribute such as "Location," can have multiple attribute values associated with it:
  2. Maps can be highlighted by custom attribute and support having multiple values for the same attribute.

  3. Users can now add custom attributes and verify their existence from the CLI. Examples follow:

See About Custom Attributes for more. 

STIG Compliance

With this release, Lumeta Enterprise Edition has been made to satisfy recent STIG findings. Users with a need to know may request additional information on these by contacting us at 


New pages include the following:

  1. Device Attributes
  2. Configuring BGP Monitoring
  3. FireMon Management Dashboard
  4. Meraki Integration
  5. WMI Discovery & Profiling
  6. Search & Device Details
  7. Searching Devices
  8. Device Details
  9. Search Syntax
  10. Cloud Device Details


This release includes the following enhancements:

Case IDDescription
LUM-729New CLI and API commands are available to view the information in certificates. See Certificate APIs and Certificate CLI Commands for more.

Added IP, MAC and Router ID columns to "All Certificates" query and report

LUM-969Rapid7 integration can now be configured through CLI. See System Administration via CLI for more

Fixed Issues

The following issues reported by customers have been fixed: 

Case IDDescription

The wildcard search in Device Details was returning a "500 Internal Server Error." This has been repaired. Now you can use the * symbol to substitute for one or more characters in a search and ? can be substituted for one character. You can also do a partial string search in this field.


Also in Zone configuration, a  "/128" now gets properly appended to IPv6 addresses uploaded in non-CIDR notation. This behavior corrects the older addition of "/32," which was a defect. 

Technical Notes

Case IDDescription

When adding SNMP, Cloud, or WMI credentials, credentials of the same type must be unique. Attempts to add credentials with an existing alias of the same type are usually (but not always) rejected. Currently, aliases are validated across SNMP, Cloud, and WMI discovery types. As a result, if you add the SNMP alias "test2" you will not be able to add "test2" as a Cloud or WMI alias. An enhancement is planned for development.


Attempting to create an attribute that already exists as a different kind may yield unexpected behavior:

  • Adding a Zone-level attribute with the same name as an existing System attribute appears to succeed but the new attribute does not show up on the Zones | Custom Attributes screen (which is filtered to show userDefined attributes only)
  • Adding a Zone-level attribute with the same name as an existing Device-tagged attribute results in hybrid behavior (you can seemingly edit the Zone-level attribute on the Device Details page).

An enhancement for these is planned for development.

Security Updates & STIG 

Lumeta 3.3.4 resolves Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVEs) and incorporates a variety of security-related (and non-security-related) enhancements. A list of CVEs resolved in this 3.3.4 release is available.

Database Schema

This database schema shows a visual representation of the Lumeta database. It lets you click through the hierarchy of database tables via child and parent table relationships as represented by both HTML links and entity-relationship diagrams.

WADL Viewer

The SWADLed WADL is our swagger-styled WADL documentation viewer. The Lumeta 3.3.4 SWADLed WADL comes from an auto-generated WADL that has been converted into human-readable documentation.

Change Log

Following are the changes made in preparation for this Lumeta Enterprise Edition 3.3.4 release as of 11/20/2019.


LUM-5 - SNMPv3 credentials not giving the expected results

LUM-8 - License warning icon - should not be clickable when on Spectre Systems

LUM-16 - Device details:Column sorting is not working on firemon CVEs tab

LUM-32 - Rapid7 Management Dashboard:select widgets which says Rapid7 and Spectre Managed IPs Detail and click on IP→Device Details and Map are missing.

LUM-53 - UI redirects to default dashboard after 403 logout/login

LUM-58 - Firemon Mangement dashboard: Risk Analyzer/Security Manager- Device details and Map options are displaying twice when drill-down ip address

LUM-70 - Lumeta CloudVisibility is spelled "Lumeta CloudVisibility"

LUM-83 - Cloud visibility config error messages are not passed up to GUI

LUM-124 - License/Upgrade page needs attention. Multiple product names on a single pane.

LUM-185 - L2 badges appears after expand

LUM-243 - Maps: Find Path : Device IP address - while searching Auto populate IP address doesn't work only on IE

LUM-245 - Error: License Expiration Imminent on System with no License Expiration

LUM-250 - Discrepancy between GUI and CLI License expiration at customer

LUM-268 - Rapid7 configuration: Seeing "This product is not configured properly." message when navigating back to integration configuration page from dashboards.

LUM-270 - MAC and MAC Vendor ID do not match

LUM-277 - Integrations - payload for POST expecting base64 for password and username is failing after a recent change.

LUM-284 - Upgrade to fails because java is missing

LUM-291 - Spelling mistakes in Authentication services (PKI & TFA) error messages

LUM-292 - IDs are missing in Browse Real-time & Browse Historical Reports, Causing GUI automation tests failure on 3.3.4

LUM-305 - Make changes to iproute2 for ipv6 addresses

LUM-315 - Reports--> Cant create a custom report (with any widget type) until user selects a report

LUM-346 - Rapid7 Management dashboard: IPs Unmanaged by Spectre Details widget - DNS Name is showing blank though there is a name for the same ip in rapid7 asset list

LUM-361 - CV- Community Edition--> Cloud scanning--> System allowing user to add more AWS accounts than the license limit under the Zones

LUM-375 - Maps: Find Path : few duplicate IPs are shown in the auto-populate Search Under Device IP address

LUM-384 - rebrand script unable to copy two files with directory not found error

LUM-388 - x15 query timeout - Infoblox Integration: Unable to see data on dashboard widgets. "Error: Unable to fetch query results. undefined" is displayed.

LUM-391 - Dashboards: The "Integration" flyout menu closes just when you need it

LUM-399 - Tenable Security Center dashboard: Unable to see data on widgets as there is empty feed on tenable server.

LUM-432 - GUI Automation - IDs are missing for the newly created custom reports

LUM-438 - Integration do not push any ips if there are no assets configured in external system

LUM-466 - Uploading a file with IPv6 addresses in Custom Attributes will not upload IPv6 addresses (but will upload IPv4)

LUM-467 - BGP peer configuration does not get updated on collector's interface unless we restart ESI services

LUM-478 - SNMP Agent does not bind to IPv6 interface

LUM-490 - License section is with an extra text line with a text - Server, Scout and Portal

LUM-493 - Upgrade to Pop up windows states "licensing process.....

LUM-554 - Zones--> Collector : Not able to enable Cloud Scan under Cloud Tab

LUM-594 - With browser zoom at 100% the collector status bar for scantypes doesn't display WMI

LUM-622 - seeing SQL error for constraint pk_ifha_pk

LUM-626 - Error duplicate key value violates unique constraint "uk_device_ipv4" during performance test

LUM-640 - snmpdetails targets not being generated at customer

LUM-643 - IPv6 address with one character in the last word initializes incorrectly

LUM-749 - Trunk builds are failing due to compilation error in lumeta-api

LUM-750 - Not able to Add widget to Dashboard and Create New Report on 'esi-current' build, Console shows dashboardservice & widgetservice is not defined

LUM-758 - Integrations - Not getting any feed data from server into dashboard widgets while enabling Firemon/Qualys/tenable integrations through CLI

LUM-766 - Search Report in Browse Real-Time Reports is not working, console shows "ReferenceError: val is not defined"

LUM-785 - Edit Visualization of widgets in dashboard is not working

LUM-798 - Feed Config API Allows Retrieval of Password

LUM-799 - Error loading device

LUM-802 - Device Details: Unable to see device info page by clicking on 'Device details' for the selected ip from devices/ips tab. Seeing error "{{ vm.noDataMessage }}" and spinner is running continuously.

LUM-816 - Map not loading in IE

LUM-829 - "Remote system is no longer connected" black triangle is missing from AngularJS GUI

LUM-833 - DXL and Cisco PxGrid services are stopped after upgarde

LUM-847 - Password section becoming empty in database column for WMI credentials , after Enabling BGP peers configuration

LUM-858 - Settings -> Organizations: User with Viewer role should not see Add, Edit and Delete Buttons

LUM-866 - Browse Real-Time Reports, Drill Down for Pie / Bar chart, Doesn't show Back button to go previous position, Is this removed???

LUM-867 - Browse Real-Time Reports, Report Widget Icons are not working throws "Cannot Set / Read" javascript errors in Console

LUM-907 - CLI - Zone Discoveryspaces: Unable to delete discovery spaces (Avoid/Known/Eligible/Internal) using REMOTE

LUM-911 - Map search does not clear previous result when searching for a new string

LUM-940 - Portal: CBA not working with username/password authentication or PKI

LUM-955 - Disconnected systems warning icon should not appear in read-only mode

LUM-956 - ProxyPortal: Error 403 is displayed when portal page is refreshed after CBA login is successful

LUM-975 - Session expiration was showing the login screen with the system menu

LUM-977 - Data Retention Phase II: Clear association with iftable

LUM-1037 - Device Details does not display port and vlan information in the Interfaces Tab

LUM-1056 - Spectre System - License: this section is not displaying full details

LUM-1063 - Settings -> Organizations: User with Manager role should not see Edit Button

LUM-1065 - Reports and Dashboards: Columns text is overlapping with other columns

LUM-1066 - Reports=>Browse Real-Time=>Certificates: Drill Down Mac details from certificates report does n't display the details

LUM-1077 - Adding custom attribute for child device gets rolled up to parent device

LUM-1082 - Menu items are not vertically centered in IE

LUM-1083 - Device Details Connected Hosts tab is not setting correct filter

LUM-1093 - Do not create iftable entries for device responses only containing Pseudo interface

LUM-1097 - CLI-Zone Discovery Spaces: Deletion of single CIDR, causing to clean up remaining CIDR's from the list (Eligible/Avoid/Internal/Known)

LUM-1099 - Report Schedules UI issues under Actions Column

LUM-1100 - Uploading an improperly formatted WMI credential file on UI does not return proper error message

LUM-1107 - CC GUI:Settings=>Status of Spectre components: Not listing all spectre services.

LUM-1108 - Incorrect ASN (asnum) and aspath in zone.interface_route

LUM-1109 - In Report Schedules, Schedule Name & Report Name should be resized in the column based on the text length

LUM-1111 - Change Rest API path of delete custom attributes by ID (deleteAttributeConfigById)

LUM-1116 - IE Only - Dashboard and Report column headings & filtering dropdown buttons are missing padding

LUM-1117 - Dashboards--> Manager role unable to edit the dashboards created by Admin role

LUM-1121 - Upgrade from to 3.3.4 is missing ddl/query updates

LUM-1124 - Child device is marked for purging only when parent is marked for purge leading to many inactive child devices

LUM-1125 - Specifying the wrong alias during certificate import yields an unhelpful message

LUM-1127 - WMI Dashboards > Click through of Summary & Troubleshooting pie and bar chart Widgets does not work for unknown device types

LUM-1133 - Breach Detection Dashboard: Column chart label names are overlapping with others.

LUM-1136 - Query results are showing _dummy column at the end

LUM-1139 - Device details searching for * returning 500

LUM-1140 - IP address patterns like, 2a06:2c42:dbc:13::/64, 10.201.0/24 are restricted from CLI

LUM-1146 - Maps menu covers reports menu and when we have more zones in the list , clicking on Maps should auto adjust based on zone text length

LUM-1147 - Infoblox integration: Seeing error messages in log file though the data is inserted in dashboard

LUM-1155 - Map shows "Go to Device Details button", Click on "Go to device details" leads to error message {{ vm.noDataMessage }} in Search Device details page

LUM-1162 - Qualys Integration: Spectre not creating Asset Group on Qualys when both 'Asset mapping by zone' and 'Auto Subscribe' are enabled.

LUM-1164 - Seeing errors while ingesting CloudScanner responses

LUM-1168 - CLI Zone/Collector commands are throwing compilation errors

LUM-1174 - Device Details context menu does not show when the browser window is too short

LUM-1175 - SNMP problems with "interesting" characters

LUM-1195 - Support Tools=>Active Database queries: Showing "insufficient privileges" message

LUM-1197 - Settings=>Error Reporting:error text "{{::errorReporting.backEndVersion | " is displayed on error reporting page.

LUM-1198 - Cloud Visibility-->Unable to configure Cloud Credentials on Community Edition licensed system

LUM-1208 - License-->Unable to update license -- because x15-server is not coming up gracefully on restart

LUM-1209 - Browse Historical, Option Preserve dates/times on refresh works, but Date and time shows as invisible in text boxes

LUM-1211 - Uninitialized value error message when running "support ping" CLI

LUM-1215 - Typo in syslog-ng.conf filename does not allow X15 logs to Splunk

LUM-1224 - Support Tools: Configuration Export should offer to download a file

LUM-1230 - Spectre >> System information says "Command Center connects to Scout" when connection is initiated by scout to CC, also does not show IP address of scout

LUM-1231 - Windows 10 device with port 3389 open is no longer profiled as Windows 10

LUM-1237 - CLI: support diagnostics can create a corrupted log bundle tgz

LUM-1263 - X15 : Ingestion has stopped even when the filemonitor process is running.


LUM-405 - Attribute NACK

LUM-406 - Utilize WMI to provide data on Windows Defender, HBSS and Tanium agents

LUM-407 - Utilize WMI as a discovery and profiling source

LUM-408 - Security updates for 3.3.4 (Epic)

LUM-409 - FireMon Integration Phase II (3.3.4)

LUM-410 - IPv6 for 3.3.4

LUM-599 - Routes should be able to timeout like devices do (and/or be explicitly removed where routing protocols support this (e.g. BGP))

LUM-840 - Rework BGP to support IPv6 and withdrawal messages

LUM-1014 - Custom Attributes work in 3.3.4


LUM-9 - CLONE - Update libssh2 and dbus for security

LUM-12 - CLONE - Check in 4.16.3 version of x15 rpm

LUM-37 - Cloud Visibility:Instance details=>Security tab:Column sorting is not working

LUM-59 - DEV license should not restrict cloud accounts/instances

LUM-87 - port PO-10123 changes to trunk

LUM-89 - Refactor credentials java code

LUM-102 - add MAC address last observed to public.devicemodel for ease of querying.

LUM-188 - Modify Feed Test To Not Require Password

LUM-225 - Map: On device search allow Map to self expand and display the device that is being searched

LUM-252 - CLONE - We should clear macvendor_id when we clear/expire mac address from device table

LUM-255 - CLONE - Make all saved queries for Cloud Device Details consistent

LUM-279 - Work around Windows SNMP bug (was "IPV6 address doesn't look correct")

LUM-283 - Default polling interval for CloudVisibility should be shorter

LUM-295 - CLONE - CV - Add IP Range and Description

LUM-299 - CLONE - Dashboard/Reports : Right click on Public IP should not allow user to go to device details or maps if we cannot display information

LUM-300 - CLONE - Improve formatting of tooltip on "Risks" column

LUM-340 - Add configuration UI for Rapid 7

LUM-341 - Get list of devices/assets from Rapid7

LUM-342 - Add dashboard for Rapid7 Integration

LUM-354 - CLONE - Improve Device Details: Cloud to use column names returned in the queries

LUM-357 - CLONE - Cloud Visibility GUI : The Configuration tab text boxes should have validation checks

LUM-366 - CLONE - Updates POST 3.3.3: Send/Receive telemetry from cloud community edition CC

LUM-367 - Integrating AWS CloudSDK into Spectre -- Automate CLI Testing

LUM-390 - CLONE - update python for security

LUM-433 - FireMon & Qualys Integration CLI: Do not see all the options for configuring FireMon Integration in CLI

LUM-435 - Push firewall devices into FireMon Security Manager

LUM-436 - Identify devices that need to be added as non managed devices into SM

LUM-445 - Fine tune work_mem for better query results without creating impact on response processing

LUM-454 - Ag-grid should have a theme

LUM-456 - Add Custom Attributes from CLI

LUM-496 - Spectre systems should sort by System Type with the local CC first

LUM-509 - Add model and version to data that gets pushed to SM

LUM-511 - Device Details | Device Info - Ref IP should be directly below IP and should show differently if set or not

LUM-512 - Device Details | Device Info - Ref IP should be a hyperlink to drill to that device, if populated

LUM-516 - Device Details - drilling to the same IP/Instance again should not open a duplicate tab

LUM-556 - Remove password column from WMI credentials grid

LUM-568 - Spectre Systems Copy System Info -> Add additional information

LUM-573 - CLONE - Implement feature to search or filter users in the grid

LUM-586 - Expand/Refine Autonetboot configuration settings

LUM-606 - Security Manager Integration - Push all the routes in one call instead of pushing per interface

LUM-617 - Set Restriction - PKI--> User certs and SSH certs are accepting wrong files via GUI and CLI

LUM-652 - Add Device IP in Reports/Certificates

LUM-661 - Remove the "Blue Box" on integrations

LUM-669 - Cleanup update_iface_db code

LUM-670 - Where available use enterprise number from sysObjectId to identify vendor

LUM-682 - CLONE - Redesign the GUI for User Management

LUM-702 - Push devices as per updated requirements

LUM-704 - Change payload as per updated SM implementation

LUM-705 - End to End Testing for Lumeta <> Security Manager integration

LUM-718 - Find Path: missing hops due to child IPs

LUM-720 - Map: User should not be able to right click -> Find Path on collectors

LUM-729 - View certificates

LUM-751 - Add dashboard changes to FireMon Integration

LUM-790 - CLONE - Device Details of child IP doesn't show reference IP

LUM-792 - Establish WMI target and scan type

LUM-793 - CLI command to reload log levels from the database

LUM-800 - update kernel and microcode_ctl for MDS CPU vulnerabilities

LUM-805 - update openssl for security

LUM-808 - License--> Remove number of scouts data in Licence section in GUI

LUM-841 - Setup BGP test environment supporting IPv6 and Withdrawals

LUM-842 - API and Database work to handle Route withdrawals

LUM-843 - Cleanup and integration test BGPScanner etc.

LUM-844 - Add IPv6 support to BGPScanner

LUM-845 - Add route withdrawal support

LUM-849 - Add UI for Meraki integration configuration

LUM-850 - Add CLI option to configure Meraki integration

LUM-852 - Use the Meraki API capability to retrieve device information from the management station

LUM-853 - Process results from Meraki devices call and create Lumeta devices

LUM-854 - Use the Meraki API capability to retrieve and map switch port information for devices

LUM-856 - Process device responses for devices created by Meraki Integration

LUM-857 - Add report "Management Station Devices"

LUM-859 - Implement device retention for devices created by external scan types

LUM-868 - Add the option to verify the existing custom attributes in CLI

LUM-871 - gather diagnostics should be run and logs preserved to hector at the end of autonetboot

LUM-902 - Ensure that custom attribute highlighting works as required on Maps

LUM-904 - Device Details: search by custom attribute value

LUM-910 - Expand Map search to include custom attributes

LUM-912 - Support multiple attributes of the same name for a given device

LUM-914 - Generic Breach Detection Dashboard showing 'iDefence' logo

LUM-931 - Edit the Grub.conf file to support Cloud Scout converison from ova to AMI

LUM-969 - Add CLI option to configure Rapid7 integration

LUM-978 - Data Retention Phase II: Delete remaining SNMP attributes when SNMP NACK is received

LUM-979 - Data Retention Phase II: Delete dnsName attribute

LUM-980 - Data Retention Phase II: Create a NACK based on NXDomain response

LUM-988 - Redesign the GUI for User Management

LUM-1055 - Integration: The label "Detail/Details" should be removed from integration dashboard widgets.

LUM-1061 - Improve Meraki Data Richness with Clients

LUM-1075 - DNSScanner doesn't support IPv6 DNS Servers or ip6.addr queries

LUM-1103 - Repoint Maps message

LUM-1132 - Meraki integration should provide the NetworkName for the NetworkID being represented

LUM-1185 - Add network name to Management Station Devices report

LUM-1246 - checkin version of x15 rpms

LUM-1293 - Unable to do a License/update for Command Center: Alert shows up as "Lumeta CloudVisibility is not supported with the current license -- contact"