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To enable logging to a QRadar console via the Lumeta graphical user interface (GUI) . . .

  1. Log in Lumeta.
  2. Select Settings > Lumeta Systems.
  3. Click the CEF Notifications tab. 
  4. Identify the logging server to which you want to send event notifications.

    1. Protocol: Type TCP-IPv4, UDP-IPv4, TCP-IPv6, UDP-IPv6 

    2. Host Name or IP Address: Must be an IPv4-type IP address 

    3. Port number: Must be a valid integer

  5. When you are ready to send CEF-formatted event notifications, click the CEF Enabled checkbox.
  6. Click Submit.
    A message displays, indicating that your configuration settings were saved.
    Lumeta is now configured to display CEF-formatted syslog output in your QRadar console.